My wma files play OK in WMP but when recorded (MuvAudio, TuneBite, etc.) R too slow

I am having trouble with MuvAudio (had the same trouble with TuneBite, FWIW). I can play the .wma in WMP and they play fine at the right speed. I try to record them with MuvAudio and while they are recording I hear them at the correct speed. But they get recorded TOO SLOWLY. They are SIGNIFICANTLY too slow. I tried encoding to .mp3, to .wma even to .wav and they are still too slow (exact same “too slow” speed in all cases). (Example: A 0:56 file becomes a 1:03 file).

I also tried turning off all hardware acceleration on my audio card. No help. The card is a SoundMAX Digital Audio card on an Dell SC400 (P4, 3.2Ghz). I tried reinstalling the card drivers, too, and that didn’t help…

Any suggestions???

I have exactly the same problem! It’s frustrating because no one has any idea how to fix it, including the folks at Tunebite. With the demise of MMJB 6.1 and Virtuosa for WMA conversion, I need at least a real time recorder that works. Any ideas?

I think the sound card is the issue. Dell doesn’t exactly go all out trying to get the best sound card in the systems it sells, while charging a premium price. I think you should try dropping a few dollars on a soundblaster or related card and try that. If it doesn’t work out you could always return the card.

It turns out, at least in my case, that the problem was the sound card driver. I had to use an older version of the driver for the soundcard. After downgrading the driver, it works fine.

To get the older version of the driver (if you have the same soundcard that I do), go to Dell support and navigate through to the soundcard drivers for the Dimension 8250. You will probably need to force this driver on your soundcard as, at least for me, using the Dell installer didn’t actually downgrade the driver. Extract the files from the Dell package, then go through the standard “upgrade driver” procedure for your soundcard (start->control panel->system->device manage->etc.) and point the driver procedure to the directory made by the Dell installer.

Excellent advice. I installed a different soundcard driver from the dell website and the problem is gone. My tech skills are very limited but it worked. Thanks. Now if someone could only figure out (and post) a new conversion method so I can stop this painful realtime recording…