My website

Hi everyone, I created my new website and you know on the top you can add your own picture, BUT you can only give link from the internet, i want to create my own pic, resize it THEN do SOMETHING to put it on the website it needs to be “linked”
Please help me

Hi [B]adrian756[/B]!
How are you building your website?
Usually, you have to upload your own pics and can then “link” to the image. :slight_smile:

its different cos my website is already created by the server
all i need to do is to customize it add pics from websites

If you have a content management system, then usually you have the possibility to upload images. If not, you can always use ImageShack or similar upload services.

you should be able to upload the photo directly to your server. if not, you’re going to want to upload it to another site - even something like flickr could work