My web-browser uses

Have my web-browsing uses changed?

Last week, Harley started a thread about annoying IE 9 pop-ups. Recently, Firefox’s 16.0 had a security leak that was apparently patched up most quickly. But it wrinkled quite a few foreheads!

On an old Dell Latitude (“made for Windows 2000”), I have Win98-SE and it’s Firefox 4.02 works fine. Some websites hate it, but I don’t like them either!

I am aware that my web-browser USES are no different now than they were lo those years ago.

I want to get to my choice of websites quickly. Without annoying pop-ups. I have never once asked for animations or video-ads, crawler menus or shadowy streaming sales pitches floating across the screen.

I don’t even like tabbed browsing, which is anti-multi-tasking. Oh - it’s multi-tasking for the CPU. But it’s NOT multi-tasking for humans because, in a tabbed environment, I can’t ‘see’ other tabs. I am looking at one and only one display. Single tasking. “Just like I did on DOS with dial-up BBS’s.”

In the multiple-instances browsing, however, I can resize different windows and actually see multiple websites - using whatever I want, when I want. TRUE multi-tasking for the user.

I want some security. I have “money” sites that I work with. If I didn’t have secure browsing, then I guess I’d have to walk over to the bank. Humans have done that for a few centuries. Maybe we still could?

That security is nice for emailing and passwords, though. I mean, if someone’s going to threaten politicians in MY name, I want to do it. I have plenty of good reasons for doing so, too. Like every world citizen does.

But I don’t think my browsing habits have changed. I don’t give a flip about Flashy-JavaScript doo-dads. In fact, I think the larger the number of ‘hooks’, the greater the number of ‘exploits’. Give a program 100 hooks instead of 10, and I’ll bet an argument could be reasonably assembled to claim “ten times as many Exploits are now possible.” Give browsers 1,000 hooks, though - ?!! Yes, we can certain amp up the version-numbering scales like speedometers on a 935.

But my uses for a web browser? What about yours? Any significant new-uses in your web-browsing behaviors because of the velocity of version number changes?

For the 98 machine a friend used Opera . I’m not sure which version but AFAIK he used Opera on 98 till he passed away a little over a year ago. He said it worked well on most sites.
I have IE9 & for the most part get along with it. Just in case I do have FF & Opera.
I don’t use either very often but I didn’t do the latest update on FF & probable won’t for a while.
I don’t use tabs either & have them diasabled .
I also disable JAVA & I don’t have it installed either.
That makes some sites complain & even refuse to work.

So, are you using a web-browser in a different way than you were, 5 or 10 years ago? I’m trying to think of those examples of my own. No. I’m not.

Some web sites offer different services (YouTube, which requires some higher-end graphics processing because of download-then-play, as opposed to a straight DVD player).

But most of ‘my’ websites are still Fields Or Paragraphs Of Data. Text. They can color them and offer spinning doodads and hopping and bouncing figurines, but “Text” is still what I’m looking for, or putting in.

Chrome can reach the number “30” faster than Firefox or anything else, but I’m still not giving it Greenstamps for that huge accomplshment (cough cough).

I probably read text of some kind the most but I watch YouTube & similar videos too . Recently tried to get HTML5 working for YouTube & did with IE9 which also supports h.264 .
I got FF to work for the HTML5 but not h.264 .
I never got it to “Save video as” as suggested by mciahel except on a test site.
I will eventually try again . I found the number of HTML5 videos limited right now but I expect those to become the norm .

I agree there is a lot that can be left off a web page.
Good to see if your browser is capable even if you don’t plan to us it for this.

Problem with using non IE browsers, is that some places don’t support them…

IE: State and Federal agencies will code for other browsers to some extent, but if there are problems, they only support IE

i have the same problem : (