My video's audio playback has gone mad!

Hi guys, really needs your help here!

I’m really frustrated with the audio playback problem with all kinds of video, ether local file (most wmv) or video hosted on a web site inside a browser.

It’s been over a month now.

The problem usually is like this, with different program (same file)

.                                 Video Part         Audio Part
                                  -------------      ------------
1.   Windows Media Palyer 10          OK              no audio
2.   Real Player 10                   OK              no audio
3.   VLC Player 0.85               no video           Audio OK
4.   PoweDVD 6                        OK           aduio is probably
                                                 4X faster than normal speed!

And on some website the video & audio play back OK, but some website just video and no audio.

How can it be so wrong? It really drives me completely crazy. I really don’t want to reformat the whole drive since I have too much stuff on it.

Highly appreciated for any help!

Finally found partial solution myself. At least now Windows Media Player 10 & Real Player 10 now works by following the instruction at the link below.

This is really weird. Several AutoInsert registry setting affaect the audio playback.