My very first DL burn

since i lack a scanning capable drive. i attached the transfer rate test.

this is a verbatim mkm-001-00 dvd+r dl burned in my Toshiba SD-R5372 at 2.4x with TU56 firmware. supposedly my firmware supports this media up to 5x, but I burned at the rated speed to be on the safe side. I know errors are expected at the layer break, so I guess I’m just asking if this looks ok as far as you can tell from a transfer rate test.

i used dvd decrypter in ISO read and ISO write mode with the “calculate optimal” checked off in the ISO write settings tab.

i was just wondering if that setting is right or if there’s a way to preserve the layer break of the original disc and if so would that be preferable? I don’t know much about layer breaks, but I think I did everything ok. what do you guys think?

Can you post a disc quality scan of this burn. The transfer rate test is not as good to determine quality of a burn

i mentioned that i don’t have a scanning capable drive. as far as i know a transfer rate test is the best i can do.

are there any other tests or software you could recommend to get a more accurate picture of how the burn went?

also, i mentioned that my firmware supposedly supports this media up to 5x. do you think it would help or hurt the situation to burn at this speed? an article i read on my burner mentions support for the mkm001 discs at 2.4x, 4x, and 5x so my guess is the slowest speed that is supported (and the rated speed of the disc) is probably the best bet.