My tunebite will not convert

I have just purchased TuneBite Platinum and downloaded the most recent version. I entered my license key and started the software. I clicked the add files tab and added a few files just to try it out. The files are WMA which i have received from rhapsody. When I add them to TuneBite and click start, it says, “Recording Error” to the right of the file. I don’t know what is going on and i’ve tried other files and they also don’t work. I have it set so they will convert to MP3 format. Can Someone please help me, it’s driving me nuts and it’s like i’ve spent forty dollars on nothing!

Hello mattattack9008,

There might be several reasons for getting this error.
As I understand, you receive this error at the beginning of the conversion process.
But I need more information, like:

  1. If you go Tuneite “Options -> Unprotect” menu and you click on the “HSD detection” button , what will Tunebite say in the end?
    Are all HSD devices installed correctly ?
  2. Can you please confirm that you can play these DRM wma’s from Rhapsody with Windows Media Player without any extra plugin from Rhaposody, simply with WMP?

Could you please come back with these details so we can further see what exactly is causing the problem?