My Total Training DVD's cannot be seen by CloneDVD

I purchased Total Training For Premier Pro 2.0 and I would like to make a backup set of DVD’s to work off of, and save my originals. It’s an expensive program. When I attempted to do this with Clone DVD … I got the following message:

Unable to read video files from E:?
E:/VIDEO_TS.IFO: unable to open file.
The system cannot find the file specified.
Please be sure that all required files are available and try again.

There are a total of five DVD’s in the set.

Any advice?


Yes: If you already use AnyDVD 6 and it doesn’t work, use CloneCD to create a 1:1 copy.

Those are not DVD Movies, they are programs stored on DVD…

Then what Tru said should work, CloneCD should be able to make a 1:1 copy of the DVDs.

Hi guys,

What you suggested worked perfectly until I got to the last DVD. That was the only one where I once again, got the message that there wasn’t enough room. I checked to make sure I had put a DVD in, and I had.

Since it was the last one, and basically Projects … I just told it to write until it reached the end of what it could write. I haven’t checked to see what is missing yet.

I’m not sure why the last DVD did not copy over like the others but maybe it had more data on it … ?? Any ideas about that?

Thanks, so much for you kindness and your help. :slight_smile:


Possible dual layer for the last DVD, and you are using a single layer to copy.