My toshiba SD-M1912 views a 4.7 GB disk as a 21 GB



Hello Everyone

My Tosshiba DVD/CD reader SD-M1912 when it read a DVD, the usual 4.7 GB it takes it to be more then 21 GB so that it refuses to read the DVD when I try to make copies using concurrently a NEC DVD writer since it (the Toshiba Disk reader) claims that there is no space in the target drive (the NEC) for the 21 GB.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance!


Wow! This is a first. Is that a video or data DVD? What happens when you try to read the disc in your NEC?


I think you will be replacing it soon,How old?



Whats wrong with the forum…


I’m sure you have used an DVD+R booktyped to DVD-ROM or a crappy media as source?!?

Post more info using DVDIdentifier etc.


Sytemboard with NForce Chipset?


well, it is only a year old



it happens both for video and data
when I use the NEC it is fine
thank you


I do not know


I do not know



If you do have nforce drivers you will need to roll them back to the MS ones you can do this in device manager check and be sure it has thr MS ide drivers.