My Tools Of The Trade....What Are Yours?

NeroVision Express 3 for burning and authoring.
TMPGen for some converting, de-multiplexing and multiplexing.
Xilisoft Audio Converter for mp2 to mp3 and mp3 to mp2 converting.
MP3Gain to adjust sound levels.
DVD Ghost for region free dvd playback and ripping.
DirectDVD for playing DVDs on my computer.

Nero 6 Ultra Edition
Emule Extreme
Windows Media Player - 10
Alcohol 120%
MPEG AVI converter
Bit torrent
My Brain lol

nero 6605
dbPowerAMP for Audio CD ripping and format conversion
autogk for dvd to avi
dvd shrink
dvd decrypter
foobar2000 for music file playback
burnatonce for making iso and bin/cue
dvd x player [cos i just discovered directdvd wont play dvds from files in video_ts on hard drive]

Clone DVD
Alcohol 120%
Clone CD
Blindwrite 5.2.9/Blindwrite Tweaker
Nero 6 Ultra
Nero Vision Express
TMPGEnc 3.0 Xpress
4U WMA MP3 Converter
Xbox ISO Maker
Flash FXP
Notepad/Wordpad (great for HTML editing/creation)
My Brain
In bold: Apps constantly in use
In normal text: Apps used once in a while
In Italic: Apps I dont use

My Brain ? got a link ?

LOL if I did it would be this: ://

I’m retired, so my tools are
A good gift of gab and a handgun


Latest Nero 6 / AnyDVD / InterVideo DVD Copy /
EAC / Power Producer 2 Gold (for VHS to DVD) / good -R medias-