My thread didn't appear on the forum


I posted a new thread yesterday in the LG burner forum, about a LG4165 that won’t burn DVD-R, but it still doesn’t appear in the forum?
Is it normal ?

Thanks for some help.

PierreLo :cool:

<ironic>yes, it is abolutely normal. the forum pre-reads your posts, and if they are boring the forum software will delete them instead of making them public…</ironic>

OR - the alternative reason is: you did not push the submit button… :wink:

nevertheless: welcome on the forums! :cool:


I sure did push the submit button. I even tried to push it twice and was warned that my thread had already been submitted…

Damn, could it be the first option you suggested ? :cop:

I praise to Mod, please, almighty Mod, thy who are in computer heaven, let my thread appear :bow:

Man I’m in deep sh*t with this burner. I need some help.

PIerreLo :cool:

ok, now 2 posts of you did successfully appear, maybe you should just try to post your first (not published) thread again?

Make it 3, then

I finally found out why : topic title was too long. Tried twice with no luck, shorten title and voila, it works.

PierreLo :cool:

Too long - long winded - boring. :bigsmile: