My test with 812S@832

i succesfully made my 812s at 832s i load up firmware into opnipatcher and click on apply strageties and also the enable cross flashing. i wasnt’ sure bout the other one, and is this ok? but how do i change write stragety, do i have to patch firmware again or what? Here is a scan of a 2x TDK TDKG02000000 DVD-r disc scan with 812s@832s firmware VSOA. Is this a good burn?

here is a pic of the scan in Nero, latest version:

here is the scan with kporbe v2:

is this a good scan, do u recomend anything to make it better? thanks this may be my best burn so far. the above is correct, the one about patching and check mark, i apply recommended tweaks and check only the crossflashing.
If i want to go back firmware what do i have to do, just load back the old fimware on 812s with opnipatcher or what. thanks codeking and everyone


Seems other people use 4X to scan. I think you will get rid of those high spikes if you scan at 4x speed.