My TDK 52x fails to read CD/CD-Rs

I recently purchased a TDK 52x24x48x CD Burner. Using Memorex CD-RWs and Maxell CD-Rs with Nero I’ve successfully burned a few CDs. No problems. I try again today and all of a sudden the drive cannot see any CD placed in the tray.

My hardware is configured correctly as the drive shows up in My Computer and Device Manager. Audio CDs, Data CDs and Blank CDs do not register through My Computer or Nero InfoDisc.

Pri Master: HD1, Sec Master: CD-R
PCI 1 Master: HD2, PCI 2 Master: DVD

I’ve even tried changing the CD-R to be a slave from master on the secondary controller. What’s going on?!

I’m running W2K SP2. Oh, I’ve also tried using CloneCD and Nero 5.5.1 with the same results - CDs still aren’t recognized by my TDK drive. Using a second computer with a different burner I’ve successfully burned one CD-RW, erased it, then burned again, erased then tried it in my computer - still no recognition! This is driving me nuts; any help is appreciated!