My super benq 1655



hy. This is my benq scans. :frowning: The blank media it’s Verbatim, Whrite at 4X ,default settings. :a


Try writing Yuden and Verbs at 8x, 12x, or 16x with this drive.


Try at 12X and post a log


These scans look similar to the first BenQ 1655 I had gotten when they first came out.

Like everyone has said try at a slower speed and if you are still getting the same results with known good media I would send it back for a different one if you can.


You meant higher speed I’m assuming? :stuck_out_tongue:

On a related note, I have certainly had some high speed media burn very poorly at low speeds, although this is particularly bad. The jitter is extremely high for one. It’s probably bad burns, although it’s also possible that the drive is having reading issues for some reason. Have you tried to see how the discs work in other drives and if they’re readable?


Yes I did hehe, thanks :slight_smile:


Few questions in my mind:

  • Both YUDEN000T03 and MCC004 are Verbatim brand?
  • Are you sore those are not fakes?
  • Are those new burns?

To me it seems either the drive is dude or the media are not really TY and MCC quality (or have been heavily degraded). Just look at the jitter curve, it started at 16% and climbed to 20+%.


I agree with the fake media suggestion. Even if it was burned at 4x, it surely would not give such pathetic results.

Is the disc even readable with a Transfer rate test?


The Verbatim media have ZD code and GH code for TY. I thing that is not fake.:frowning: The disc is readable with transfer rate test , but when I copy data to HDD show error. cannot read disc , especialy to end of all discs. Very strage.

What do u thing , IT IS DEFECT MY BENQ?


This could indicate that the TRT is not performed with the “accuracy” setting… :wink: - if you choose any another setting, it will drop data during reading, so there’s room for error (false negatives)! A good TRT indicates a fully readable disc (in the drive used to perfom the test) [I]only[/I] if it’s set to “accuracy”. :cop:

Another possible cause is that you perform the TRT in one drive, and try to read the disc in another drive. Many marginal discs/burns can be fully readable in drive X and show unreadable zones in drive Y (which is the reason wy we are several on this board to choose our pickiest reading drives for performing TRTs).

If you did all your tests in your Benq, well, yes I’d say that it’s a defective drive. :frowning: - what’s your PSU (power supply)? Some low quality PSUs can damage optical drives quite rapidly. :a


I use MAXCASE PSU 400W. :rolleyes: