MY Sony DW-U54A doesn't support a lot of BRAND medias



I have bought a nice PCG-GRT916Z Sony notebook with a burner Sony DW-U54A… As I got a lot of trouble when burning with a lot of media brands (TDK-R, TDK+R, TDK-RW, Opti 8X,…) I would like to know if someone can tell me if there is a new firmware available from Sony for this drive or if I can use a Firmware from another brand ??? or can I use the firmware from the DW-U56A ??? or is it may be defective !!

Thank’s for your help & Have a nice day.



I’m not familiar with the Sony drive. Check the Sony website for the firmware update. Most notebooks are overpriced toys. Some users connect internal DVD burner to the notebook via Hi-Speed USB 2.0.


It’s already done… but it seems that Sony has a really poor website with out of date firmwares… So, I’m asking these questions to try a way to update my drive and to make it more “compatible” …
Any help or idea welcome


Check here:

“…Most notebooks are overpriced toys…” (by Furballi)

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