My Sony DW-26A disappeared

I patched it with firmware from a later version/model (forget which), it was working fine (i didn’t screw with write speeds, I left them at default 8x instead of upping to 12-16x). I burned some discs, they were higher quality burns than under the previous firmware.

It’s been a few weeks. Today I boot up, and suddenly my DVD burner is disappeared, doesn’t show up in My Computer or Device Manager…

I just restarted and it shows up in all my programs again. WTF is this?

It might be possible, if you have been using any programs to hide your drives etc… i.e starforce nightmare.

Had the same problem till i figured it was that, I disabled Nodes / Drives / Channels using it and never re-enabled.

Pulled my hair out for awhile too…

but if it re-appeared after a reboot i would imagine it wasn’t that. Not sure.

Nah, I have Daemon tools, but nothing to hide a drive.

I also burnt a disc, and Nero refuses to check the quality with CD/DVD Speed.

To top it off, the drive shows as Lite On 1693S, but the disc info says ‘burnt by Sony DW-28Q’