My Sony DRU-820A it no likes SafeDisc... Help!

I have a Sony DRU-820A on an AMD Athalon 3000+ 2.17Ghz pc. I can backup my movie DVD’s in about 20 minutes on single layer discs and dual layer discs burn at their rated speed of 2.4x so the burner setup seems to have no problems with speed. The problem comes when I try to back up games. Example:need for speed underground 2 game that has SafeDisc 3.20.030 copy protection on it. When reading the game and it gets to the read errors, it takes about 2 hours and 22 minutes to just get throught the read errors. I have an old liteon 32123S that gets through these read errors in less than 4 minutes. I searched this forum and did notice this drive having “slow” issues. I am using alcohol 120% to read and burn this game.
Can anyone please help me get it to read faster than almost 2 1/2 hours for a game? If I can get it to read in say 4 or 5 minutes like it should, than I can keep working on the settings so I can get a good working backup of my game.


P.S. I do have a detailed thread in the alcohol 120% forum (please check it out if you can help because nobody has helped & if you can, my hat is off to you :clap: )but I am thinking now that it may be a hardware issue. If any admins here think that it is a double post, I am very sorry :bow: