My solution to pixelation & hanging problems



I was thinking “why does my computer play some discs and then when I put them in my set top player they freeze & pixelate at the end”
I have a Pioneer 355 Set top player & a old Omni (SAMPO) SLP4000 set top player here that was really cactus wouldnt play DVD-RW even from new , had trouble with some discs it used to be able to play, etc so I ripped the cover off and took the actual drive out and had a good look at the drive. It had the IDE connector and the 12v power supply EXACTLY like the DVD-ROM drive in my computer. So I went and purchased a PIONEER DVD-120 DVD-ROM drive (specs here)
and installed it in my Omni set top player, it started up, and played EVERY troublesome disc I had. I had some discs that were burned with early version of NERO that wouldnt play on anything, it played those. I have a lot of movies on DVD-RW, it plays those flawlessly. I have some discs (shintaro & princo) that I considered total rubbish because they woulnt play to the end on my Pioneer 355 and it plays those.
If you do this you must remember to install in computer FIRST and set the region coding, or upgrade the firmware to region free.
ALL the functions on the STP remote, work as they should.
So I guess a lot of problems are caused by the absolute rubbish they sell as set top players.
I also installed a CPU fan in the back of the player and the temp of the top of the SAP is VERY cool compared to before. I live in a tropical climate and I think some of my pixelation problems were caused by the whole sytem overheating.
Hope this helps somebody
Burned some movies with Shintaro discs which would absolutely REFUSE to work in either of my stand alone players previously.
They now work 100% which is great, because here in oz they are the cheapest s?.t you can buy.


hi falco553
Do a Google search for Area 450. Forums have a Fantastic database and helpfull members dedicated to DVD-Rom transplants and firmware updates. Very good site.