My sixth 716A decided to die today...that's it for Plextor

I have had this drive replaced 5 times…which makes 6 total drives. TLA 0308 built in June 2005. Won’t burn faster than 2X…

In the trash it goes…

Did you check DMA settings before trashing it?

Yes…and I did one more thing. I flashed 1.09 firmware AND went through some of my Verbatim DVD-R media…I can get a 12X burn out of it every now and then…same symptoms as the first drive I had did before it went belly up.

I am not spending any more money sending this drive in for replacement. I can get an NEC or another Benq cheaper…

Hey, if you don’t want it, I’ll take it off your hands :slight_smile:

I truly believe that problems with this drive are HEAT related. I have 7 fans going in my machine…nice and cool…then this afternoon…I decided to condense some CD files onto one DVD…so I used the 716a to copy the files and my Benq to burn them. In the middle of reading the third disk…the 716a just freezes and refuses to read any files. I took the disk out of the 716 and inserted into the Benq…and it read the third disk and moved on. I had seen this problem befofre…so after I was done…I rebooted and tried to do some data burn disks with CD-DVD Speed 4.10. The first disk gave me 2.4X on a Verbatim 16X DVD-R. So I checked…Ultra DMA 4…just as it is supposed to do (Mind you my first ever 716a showed exactly the same symptoms). So I closed everything out and rebooted…inserted a new 16X DVD-R into the drive…started burning at 6X, figured…maybe something wrong with the Verbatims…then around .5GB…it slowed to 4X and remained there. Let it finish…and tried a TY disk…started at 6X and dropped down to 2.4x…So I am going to shut down the machine and let this drive cool it for awhile. I will try again later this evening, when I return. I’ll keep you posted. After 6 of these drives…I am beginning to see why Plextor went to Benq for the 740A.

all 6 of these drives were used in the same PC with the same PSU? perhaps there’s some serious voltage fluctuation on your PSU’s rails that the Plextor/Sanyo chipset is more sensitive to than your BenQ or other drives/components…do you have any way to test your rails for fluctuation and ripple?

i swear i must be the luckiest plextor owner on the planet…errr…or something…

I don’t think any of my previous PX-716A’s had heat problems… just DOA and write quality problems.


I have no way to measure the rails other than to run Asus probe and watch the fluctuations in the 12V rail. I see 11.79 under load to 11.93 while the machine is idle. It fluctuates up and down. As far as other measures…stable as a rock. Perhaps that can be an issue. I let the machine cool down for 6 hours…went back and burned another Verbatim DVD-R and it burned at full speed so once the drive “cooled it” It seemed to come back to life. With other drives…once you saw the burn speed drop like that…never came back…I am going to have to watch this one very closely.


rails are a little low, but if you’re 100% stable elsewhere the PSU is probably not the problem…

very interesting observations about the heat issue…hope the drive rights itself for you…

I have noticed how HOT the disks are coming out of this drive as opposed to the Benq. Seemed a bit odd…that all I did was try to read 3 CD’s for compiling a DVD with all the info on the disks. Guess the Plextor doesn’t like RW type of media (the three CDs were CD-RW). Maybe the laser gets too hot trying to read them…then I tried to burn and that’s when it hit the fan. But…as you can see, once cooled down…the Plexy does OK. …


Yes, but 5 in a row! Unless Plex is turning bad drives(hope not) it would have to be your system! It would be interesting to see how it worked in another box!

I believe that my 716A just kicked the bucket as well. It was having some problems reading discs lately, more so after I flashed the firmware to 1.09. Now the 716A gives me Power Calibration errors whenever I try to burn a disc and I have tried doing this with firmware versions 1.08 and 1.09.

My DMA settings are set correctly and I have been using Verbatim 8x DVD+R (MCC-003-000) discs. Plextor RMA here I come. :doh:

Plextor had acknowledge to me that there were some bad drives. When I called about the bad second drive…the tech was extremely understanding AND gave me the acknowledgement. Each drive had seperate problems out of the box. I have an Antec True Power 550 and the rails seem quite stable.and I have never had a problem in my system with ANYTHING except this Plextor drive. I don’t have a lot of answers and a lot of conjecture…


What is it with theese Plextors 716?I recently encountered one that,luckily,only gives the “Power calibration error” on 4x Raxon DVD-Rs(so far) but doesn’t brake them.(The other Asus 1604P in the computer burns them with no problem) .The Dvds do get out hot.Power shouldn’t be a problem since it’s given by a TT 480W PurePower.The drive has the 1.07 Firmware.Should I upgrade it to 1.09 and have SecretAgentMan’s luck? :D.I know those Dvds are a poor brand,but i fear for a progressive “illness” for the drive since it’s owner told me he has writen those kind of dvds a month before he observed the defect.

Yeah I made a thread complaining about the last time I’m ever going to get a Plextor. Plextor has some serious quality issues to resolve. It’s not worth the price to get a Plextor is it doesn’t last longer than a year. I can go through 3 BenQ drives at the cost of 1 Plextor drive and I’d be having new drives every time they break down (not saying BenQ is bad quality, it’s obviously much better quality than Plextor. Just for example purposes only).

I’m just wondering if Plextor has gotten a clue with all the people RMAing their drives.

In terms of quality Plextor has hit dirt bottom. Plextor comes out with new drives every once in awhile (just to prove their coming out with new stuff all the time ) but they break down after a few uses. Plextor, go burn in HELL!!!

Since I have built my machine…I have had:

Sony DRU-800A (still working…gave it away to a friend)
Plextor PX-708A (still in my third machine and going strong)
NEC ND03500A (also in my third machine and going strong)
Plextor PX-716A (On my 6th drive)
Benq DW1640 (going strong)
Plextor PX-740A (going strong)

ONLY the 716a has been problematic. I don’t think that the problem is my PSU or ME…the NEC is a year and a half old…and I burned many many DVD’s with it. The 708A is still a workhorse and shows no signs of getting tired. And the Benq and PX-740A work to spec burn after burn…but I will admit that I trust the Benq more. The 716A has been a major disappointment. I owned two or three models of CD-RW from Plextor and always found them more than safisfactory…that’s why I went with the 716A. I really think that Plextor took some shortcuts with this drive that came back and bit them.


Call it the “Revenge of the SITH burner”!

Who knows! Mine and many others are perfect! So it is possible that you got 6 bad ones in a row but not likely! (ask plex if they are turning refurb bad units!) I would bet that its a hardware compatability problem. And the 109s and 716s are very picky about the hardware they work with and the conditions they operate out in. I have just about one of every drive and the 109 was the most picky about hardware interoperabilty. Second was the 716!!!
Necs, BQs, and Aopens work out of the box most of the time LOL!

I also subscribe to the “cut corners” theory on the PX-716A. Perhaps they were too eager to make up their late entrance to the 16x market by rushing techs that haven’t been incorporated into their competitors’ drives until just recently. Maybe they got too cheap with their drive components (latest PX-716A’s tray mechanism failed two weeks ago, so I get to update my sig again).

I’ll probably keep my PX-716A for DVD-ripping until it dies, but no more Plextors for me. I’ve already spent enough on PX-716A RMAs to buy 3 DW-1640s.


started a double post by accident…can someone delete this one?


I remember when they released the 708a…they took their time and the quality of the drive showed. The 712A looked like a decent burner…but when NEC released the 3500A…they really shook up the world. If you remember…no one had a 16X CAV burner…and then Plextor rushed to the party…and did one up by increasing the DL speed to 6X. Initially I was blown away by the drive…but then the performance began to decay. Thought it was cheap media…or something…but I only use Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim (Mitsubishi Chemical). Tried CMC and Prodisc and they were junk. Now the drive acts more consistently like a 12X burner…so maybe it’s time to put it out to pasture in my other machine and convert my 708a to an external for my laptop…