My SH-S223F won't burn!

Hi All,

I have recently bought a Samsung SH-S223F DVD writer. I have attempted to burn a Wii game, a film on DVD and also a music CD and all 3 failed. I have tried these with the latest Nero and ImgBurn and they both fail.

It appears it fails at the write in/ setting the speed. I know it is not a media problem as I have taken the same media to my mates dads house who also owns the same DVD writer and it works perfect for him using ImgBurn and we also used the same ISO.

I’m not too sure what his firmware is but mine is SB02, I have installed the software from samsung which alerts me when a new firmware is available which it reports is SB03 but it always fails!

My PC is XP SP3 with 3GB of ram and a stupidly large amount of disk space free so I do not believe it is that which is causing the issue??

I hope someone can save me before I go returning the drive back to the retailer!!

oh and in addition to my post, sometimes when I reboot the drive does not appear in Windows.
I have noticed that when on the post screen where it lists my drives, the DVD writer is “seen” but some of the characters are missing from the name of it.

Hi and Welcome!

the most interesting issue is the “missing letters” thing. Could you report back, which letters are missing?
With some Sata controllers the trailing letters are often not displayed. What is the Sata controller you are using for your drive?
Additionally, it is not a bad idea to re-check the cables to ensure they are undamaged and properly seated. In doubt, try with another cable.


When I reboot I will check and get the name fully and also when the chars are missing. It is not trailing letters though, I’ll give you an example

normally it will say something like

tsst sh-s223 CDDVDRW

and sometimes I’ll get

s s s2 C DV R

I’ve tried the cables and no joy :frowning: Where would I find out the drivers I’m using?

Welcome to CDF’s:

Uninstall that app. Always flash manually. Go to the website and download SB03 and flash it here >

I hope you didn’t get a bad misflash. Never use those apps to auto flash a drive.

OK I tried the manual update and it failed saying the firmware was not compatible with the selected drive, reckon its a return to base and get a new one?

Sounds like a bad flash to me. Only option is to try to use -nocheck on the flasher but you have to make sure you use the correct firmware cause it doesn’t check for a drive. You can basically flash to any firmware. Read from post 10 to 12 here

or just exchange it.

well i’ve just managed to knock together another machine out of oldish parts and tested the drive on that and it works!! The question is…whats wrong with my machine!!! :frowning:

Well must be your controller or the way it is set in the BIOS. Michael or someone else will have to comment on that.

well any help on this I would appreciate, and I already appreciate the help you guys have offered me! :slight_smile:

What mobo do you have, what controller is on it and how is it set up?