My SH-S203B wont read dual layer


My problem: I updated my SH-S203B to Firmware Version sb04. After I did this, my SH-S203B stop reading Double Layer Discs…

Then, I downgraded to Version sb03, but still getting the same problem.

Finally I downgraded to the original Firmware (sb00) and my SH-S203B worked just fine! Read/burn double Layer Perfectly…

Is there a known solution to fix this issue?

Thanks for your anwers!

Hi and Welcome!

this is odd. :confused:
What media were you using? The only reliable blank DL discs are still Verbatims (preferably “Made in Singapore”).

Additionally, what happens, if you now go back to SB04 firmware?


Hi Michael, Tenks for your response.

Im using Maxxel, Ridata, and Memorex… some of them burned by myself, and other by my friends . (I got 3 diferent brands burned by 2 diferent friends (3 discs each one),

All of them perform perfectly on Firmware Sb00. No matter what media Im using or where it was burned, I Still cant get my burner to read those dual layeer with SB04.

I upgraded again to sb04, but still getting the same problem. Then I downgraded to SB00… and everything fine.

Any Solution=?

no idea at the moment :confused: