My Screen isn't recognising my hard drive?!?!

okayy guys,
heres the new problem.
My computer will be on for about 15 mins then, the screen goes black, and it will not come bakc on.
the light on my screen turns orange, and i cant get anything back ont eh screen.
My hard-drive stays on, because its still running and the disc drive still opens etc.
whats wrong??
My computer also keeps saying it has recovered from a serious error etc etc.
i have a post about 2 days ago headlined :CANT FIND MSCONFIG
please help with this??
i think my computers dead?!?!?

What has a screen to do with a HDD?

Fix the screensaver settings.

i dont know, my screen isnt recognising the otherbit of my computer.
its only been doing it since its got a blue screen error and such, so i dont think its anything to do with the screensaver, because it only does it sometimes.