My Samsung VR330 recorder is now asking me to initialize my back up copies of movies



I have used anydvd and Clone DVD2 to create backup copies of my original movie DVDs.
The copies had been playing fine untill recently. I have used a variety of DVD+R disks including those made by Fuji, Memorex and Sony. Now whenever I put in a DVD-R made on my PC it asks if I want to initialize the disk. If i hit yes it tries to initialize and then fails seconds later. If i say no to initialization the disk ejects. I can usually get it running after 5 or 6 ejects by instantly hitting either the play or menu button as soon as the disk is inserted. The original movie disk does not ask for initialization. One thing i would like to try is initializing the blank DVD+R in the Samsung prior to trying to prepare a backup copy. Does anyone know if an initialized disk will work with anyDVD and clone DVD2 and will this cure the initialize disk problem. Any other solutions? The backup runs fine usinfg intervideo software on any of my PCs.