My samsung sh s202j burns verbatim dvd +r but dvd player samsumg wouldn´t recognize it

i have recorded a movies with my video camera and recorder a dvd verbatim +r with family videos, but the dvd player samsung hr 730 not regognize it , what can i do, i have tested a other brand and it works and that dvd player play it.

but i like my verbatim dvd.

i have the last firmware

i bought it yesterday

It may be that your player is a little bit picky. It is possible to bitset a +R blank dvd to make it look like a DVDROM…like a commercially made movie. This sometimes helps with compatibility.

You can use a free burning program called ImgBurn to burn your dvd-video to the disks. You can download it here:
The current version of ImgBurn will automatically set booktype to DVDRom for drives that support this…your Samsung is one of them.

So, all you have to do now is learn how to burn dvd video to disk using ImgBurn. Here is a guide for doing that: