My Samsung SH-S182D dead?

Got it a week ago. Working fine until last night when I put in a movie and it asked me to set the dvd region. After I set the dvd region it can no longer see any discs that are put in it. Cds, DVDs, movies, datas, or musics discs are have failed to be read by it. Alway says that media is not present. I have tried to flashing it to different firmwares (which was sucessful) but did not solved the problem. Tried moving it to different computer but still no luck. Btw this happened before I tried any firmware flashing so firmware should not be the cause of it. I would like any suggestions of trying to solve this or else I would need drive two hours to return it to the nearest store. Thanks


as you have also tried the drive in a different computer, where it failed, too, return the drive. Or throw it away if that is cheaper…


I have a samsung SH-S182D dvd burner, and it was working great as of yesterday, and lastnight i was trying to use it, and it told me to insert a disk, well it had one in it, my computer say’s that the drive is working properly, but it will not read or recognize anything i put in it. I went through the troubleshooting and I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it, still nothing, it is only about 2 weeks old… If anyone could help me I would appreciate it…

Try using an old firmware with it. I suggest SB01.

See if that solves the problem.

You might want to check your power supply in your PC.
I had similar issue with tdk dvd-r, winxp could not recognize several burned dvd-r I put in it. Later I found the power supply was hot, and the problem went away after I replaced the power supply.

It seems to me that samsung SH-S182D requires higher voltage to run. My old lite-on dvd burner was able to work properly even under lower voltage condition.