My Samsung S203N Drive is showing up Intermittently in post and device Mgr



[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Samsung SH-S203N / TS-H653N. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]Help! Okay this little optical poopstain on the underware of life is driving me nuts…I have changed sata cables several time cuz we all know how reliable they can be and it’s ben coming and going…Could it be the SCSI drivers? One minute its there next poof!!! Gone! For the most part the system is very stable…No BSD’s but man this is driving me crazy… Rundown on my system… Mobo: XFXSLI680il Processor: Intel E8400 @ 3.0 Ghz (not currently oc’d) Ram: 2 sticks Corsair XMS Operating Sys: Win XP SP3 Video: 2 SLI GT9500’s DDR3 Audio: Diamond 7.0 pci sound card


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Well your problem ‘could’ be a “Driver” problem but since you have failed to provide any pertinent information on exactly what Serial ATA (SATA) “Driver” you are currently using it is difficult to know. In short what “Driver” are you currently using - native Microsoft Sata drivers or XFX SLI 680i Motherboard Sata drivers?




Thanks for the response I believe the answer to your question is native drivers…Come to think of it I don’t remember hitting f6 during the install to include those off the floppy actually I never made a floppy for that install since the ops system i have had is an original xp disk i received from an A+ class i took years ago it didn’t include SP@ it was so old…Hmmmm can I still install the XFX scsi/raid drivers without getting myself into trouble?


Upon further examination of the drive i discovered a very small piece of plastic from the power hook up on the back of the drive had broke off and was not allowing the sata cable to seat properly…Go figure…Occam’s razor…It is up and running now but I will keep an eye on it because during boot up in the second slot I was getting gibberish or syntax in the boot screen…I pulled the cable and placed in 3rd slot on the mobo and it read fine…And its 3 days out of Samsung’s warranty according to my receipt…BAH!!!