My Samsung HD502IJ Hardrive shows its there but wont show up on My computer



[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Samsung SpinPoint F1 Desktop Class HD502IJ - hard drive - 500 GB - SATA-300. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]I Put in my Samsung HD502IJ Harddrive with the Sata 2 Cables but it dosnt show as drive d or f and it is not on slave, my original drive is 82gb Master drive and i want my Samsung made into slave, but i dont know how:o


Somone Please Help me!!


It’s usually the ide channels that have master/master slave. Sata has it’s own channel so no master/slave.


Make sure you have sata enabled in the bios.


If your drive is brand-new, you’re going to have to format it before use.

Does Windows detect the new drive?


Yes windows detects the drive, and it works porperly…but i cant put things onto it and it dosnt show up oon my computer…My original drive shows but my second new one dosnt…Thats where im confused…I want to activate it to show up on mycomputer so i can USE IT!!


And also…what is formatting?


Also again…I used a Sata 2 Cable i got from frys to connect it to my mother board…might that be a problem? and also i checked Bios and Sata seems enabled or on


lol ALBERT!! yer a GENIOUS!! lol im formatting it now and its showing up on my computer!! im sure i just need to wait for the loading and i can use it!! i figured it out by clicking around and i went to Device Mangagment…THANKS!!..and also thank you to whappo! I checked the Bios and it was enabled but thank you though :slight_smile: