My RMA'D 712A takes now 10 min to write 4.3 GB @8X!

just received a subtituion refurbished drive from Plextor .
Well i promptly tested it and @ 8x it takes exacly 10 min to write 4.3 gb!
Burst rate is 26 mb/sec.
I guess it’s not normal. My last 712 took about 7.50 min

Can i do something or should i RMA it again?

Thanks a lot

Maybe your burn was dropped from 8x to 6x by PoweRec because the drive detected problems while burning your media?

Try burning some other media, or try using PlexTools for a Write Transfer test with Simulation enabled in Preferences (so that you don’t waste a disc). That way you can see if the drive will actually write at 8x or 12x

i didn’t enable powerrec during these 2 burns.
Anyway i’m gonna follow your suggestion. I’ll be back with the PXtools immage

Here’s a Write Transfer rate at 12x on a MCC03.
How does it look like? I really ahve no idea. I just see it couldn’t go higher than 8x even if the test was done at 12 x…

Drive Info ID:0 PLEXTOR DVDR PX-712A
Test Settings Write Speed: 12.0X (16620 KB/s)
Test Result Disc Info: DVD+R, 4482 MB
MCC 003 00
Disc : 2.4 X - 4.0 X - 8.0 X
Drive: 4.0 X - 6.0 X - 8.0 X - 12.0 X
Start: 4.57 X
End: 6.11 X
Average: 7.59 X

Test Duration 0:07:45

PoweRec kicked in and lowered the burning speed!

Here’s what a 6x (blue) , 8x (green) and 12x (red) burn are supposed to look like:

Here’s another transfer rate, this time @8x

Drive Info ID:0 PLEXTOR DVDR PX-712A V1.05 (#450735)
Test Settings Write Speed: 8.0X (11080 KB/s)
Test Result Disc Info: DVD+R, 4482 MB
MCC 003 00
Disc :2.4 X - 4.0 X - 8.0 X
Drive:4.0 X - 6.0 X - 8.0 X - 12.0 X
Start: 6.11 X
End: 6.28 X
Average: 7.66 X

Test Duration 0:07:41

What can i do?

Try some different media.


Most Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x media (MCC 003) should work fine on the Plextor PX-712A, but if you have some other high-speed media then I suggest you try this to find out whether it’s the drive or the media giving you problems.

mhmhm i used to burn media form this spindle also at 12x and had very good scans. Could you please tell me some more about PowerRec kick in (i.e. if there’a way to disable it),please?

Meanwhile i’m running a transfer tet on a MCC04

Thanks a lot

Does the 712 have A/S?? If it does that media may be in the Data base from prior owner. Might be worth a check. :slight_smile:

You can disable PoweRec with PlexTools (Drive Settings) but I wouldn’t recommend it - it’s supposed to prevent a bad burn by reducing burning speed when necessary.

Good choice! This is my PX-712A’s preferred media for 12x burning - no other media I have can compete with it at 12x.

Not applicable for the PX-712, A/S was first introduced in the PX-716.

Also the PX-712A only burns +R/-R media at 12x/8x compared to 16x for the 716, the 712 cannot burn Double Layer media, and it cannot perform a T/A Q-Check.

Write transfer test @12x with MCC04

Drive Info ID:0 PLEXTOR DVDR PX-712A V1.05 (#450735)
Test Settings Write Speed: 12.0X (16620 KB/s)
Test Result Disc Info: DVD+R, 4482 MB
MCC 004 00
Disc :2.4 X - 4.0 X - 8.0 X - 16.0 X
Drive:4.0 X - 6.0 X - 8.0 X - 12.0 X
Start: 6.09 X
End: 12.25 X
Average:10.48 X

Test Duration 0:05:45

Looks good!

Now you can burn your MCC 004 for real and see how it goes.

I SUPPOSE this means burner can reach its maximum speed ( i was thnking it was a 712 hardware problem)

Anyway me previous 712A never showed PowerRec signs ( and i didn’t disable since it’s on by default).
discs @8x were always burned in 7.50 - 8.00 min,always; also MCC03 taken from same spindle from which was taken media for first 2 test showed above

Why these differences?

BTW you aren’t using the latest firmware for your PX-712A. You are using 1.05 and 1.06 has been out for a while, and even 1.07 is available although it isn’t yet listed on Plextor’s European or American websites.

Plextor Europe: PX-712 Firmware

Plextor Americas: PX-712 Firmware

CD Freaks thread about PX-712A 1.07 firmware

Either your new drive is more sensitive to Tracking Errors / Focus Errors, which is what PoweRec measures, or the media left in your spindle aren’t as good as the media you previously used (there are variances between discs even from the same batch).


Try performing a FE/TE test with PlexTools on your MCC 003 media and post the result here.

Yes i know, thnska. It just that i received my drive today and wanted to make some test to be sure it’s really good. Aslo in these tests should i keep PowerRec enabled or not?
Just to see of what this unit is capable…what do you think about?

As far as i know most of media scans we can see in the media section is made with powerrec disabled,right?

Keep PoweRec enabled - better safe than sorry.

I think most people burn with PoweRec enabled, I know I do.

As I suggested above, try performing a FE/TE Q-Check scan on blank MCC 003 media before burning it, then burn it (or use some you already burned on the new burner) and perform PI/PO scans and post the results. I suggest you do a Sum1 scan and a Burst scan. Set Good or Middle Accuracy in Preferences and adjust the scale of the graph so we can see what’s going on.

Here’s some examples of what I’m talking about. First a FE/TE scan, then a Burst scan and finally a Sum1 scan. The PIF numbers in the Sum1 are a little too high but not alarmingly so.

Here’s some scans.
For FE/TE test, results are these MCC03 can’t be burned at their high speed…did it ever happen to you?

Drive Info ID:0 PLEXTOR DVDR PX-712A V1.05 (#450735)
Test Settings Read Speed: 2X CLV
Test Interval Length: High Accuracy
Test Result Disc Info: _76 DVD-ROM, 4455 MB (_76)

         Avg           Max                   Total   

PIE 0.04 11 6004
POE 0.65 425 92903
POF - - 0

Test Duration 0:28:04

Test Duration 0:28:05