My Ritek G05 scans - very bad deterioration



Here are some media scans that show pretty dramatically what’s been happening with my Ritek G05’s.

This is one just after burning :

This is one that was burnt about 2 months ago, it scanned fine like the one above when new :

What do you think of that, ouch! And this is not atypical for this media, lots of them are going this way.

Just for reference here’s a scan of one of the cheap GSC003’s I burnt a few weeks ago (very happy with these) :

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BTW, those deteriorating g05’s have not had any labels applied and have not been in any other way abused. They are white-top printables that have not been printed, they have been stored under good conditions along with various media of other brands that have not had any similar deterioration. So I dont know what else to put it down to other than some very crappy Ritek G05’s media.

The serial number of the media (on the hub) is “H5-08L23502175268C22” and the brand was “Rimedia”. BTW, all other “Rimedia” branded Riteks that I’ve used in the past (mostly G04’s and R02’s) have been fine, they’re not deteriorating like this.


I had all sorts of issues with my recent G05’s, printable like yours. Previous batches were DataSafe & not printable & these mostly gave no problems - good burns , no deterioration. But these latest (bought about 9 months ago) have been absolute crap.


Aaaah, inkjet printable DVDs… :a

I’m pretty sure that some cheap printable surfaces induce as many issues as paper labels. To start with, it absorbs humidity (its purpose is to absorb inks…), which can’t be a good thing.

There has been so much reports of problems with inkjet printable DVDs that I don’t buy any, but I received a sample of G05 silver printable (Ridisc) several months ago, burnt a movie on it and it still plays fine. I’ll scan it and report if I notice degradation.

@Uart: I’m curious about other printables you may have than these G05? Did you check them either?


I’m pretty sure it’s nowt to do with the printable surface.
I think some manufacturers use lower quality or ‘B’ grade media for their printables as it doesn’t have their brandname clearly visable on the top, so they think they can get away with it. I have had many fails after a few months with G04 and G05 printables, but none with CMC or MCC (yet)

Just my opinion.


RiMedia like RiDisc are not Ritek branded discs. I have yet to have problems with Ritek branded GO5s.


Hi :slight_smile:
I have had problems with Ritek G05 regardless of whether they’re Riidisc / Rimedia or even Traxdata (now owned by Ritek) the quality ranges from average to ****. Ritek’s own are better but in no way compete with the likes of TY or MCC
DVDRW’s used include
Plextor 716 - NEC 3540 / 3520 - Pioneer 109XL - BenQ 1640 - LG 4163


The gigastorage discs seem to be gaining a bit of a reputaion as a good cheap alternative. I think they have deff overtaken ritek now. I have also burned about 50 of the LG 8 x dvd-r made in korea Infodisc’s and they have been very good. Burn alot better than riteks do.


Yeah the GSC disk seem good for the price. I just scanned a few old GSC001 and GSC002 disks that I burnt about a year ago and they still read back fine.

As for the suspected “printable whitetop” as being the reason for the demise of these G05’s, what can I say except almost all of my media are whitetop printables. They are all stored under the same conditions and yet only these G05’s are deteriorating like this. What does that tell you?


It tells me not to buy Ritek disks.
But I’ve been saying this for over a year and everyone goes pooh pooh to me.


There are different printable surfaces that can be used.

If the plastic printable surface absorbs a lot of moisture and expands, then it will warp the disk slightly and cause great problems for playback (Drives are extremely sensitive in this department, it is much worse then scratches.)

This is one of the credible theories as to why princo disks more or less suck, and it is a good chance that the ritek disks are just as bad.


“It tells me not to buy Ritek disks.
But I’ve been saying this for over a year and everyone goes pooh pooh to me.”

??? Surely not on THIS forum? :disagree: - Ritek is getting bashed everyday here :bigsmile:

Evey one goes pooh pooh on ME when I mention some Ritek discs that I like (Traxadata G04 & G05, Ridisc G04 in 10-discs spindles, NONE printable). :bigsmile:

All the rest of Ritek discs I’ve tried recently was trash, including unbranded G05, unbranded printable G05, Traxdata printable, Ridisc Xtreme G05.

As to my single printable G05 Ridisc I mentioned in my former post, I just scanned it, OH MAN! :Z :Z :Z - I’m happy it was a sample disc. Transferred the movie rightaway before the disc becomes unreadable…

There’s really something wrong with these printable Riteks. :eek:


that’s very bad deterioration. Unfortunately, I purchased Riteks before I knew they were bad. In fact, other places said they were pretty good. grrrrrr

Anyway, I’ve had three Ritek Ridata 8x DVD-R already have double the errors (either on PIE or PIF values) after being burned just 2 months ago. I’m rescanning the rest bit by bit to see how they hold up. The ones that show any significant error increase (above what would be a normal variance), I’ll back up to TY. Those Riteks do have quality issues and are truly :Z


Sigh. I have tons of riteks from the bad old days. I’m going to have to go through my old discs and transfer them off at some point.
This is from years ago, when everyone claimed Riteks were the best discs short of TY.
Good news is you can now buy TY discs cheaper than what I paid for the Riteks bad news is I ended up paying twice for each disc.
Moral of the story, you aren’t saving any money buying cheapo media.


Sigh. I have tons of riteks from the bad old days. I’m going to have to go through my old discs and transfer them off at some point.

Truthully though I’m not having any problem with my earlier Ritek’s. I’ve got a bunch of G04’s (4x -R) and R02’s (4x +R) that are still holding up ok. They too are all white-top printables, but for some reason it’s only these more recent G05’s that are really giving me a hard time.

BTW I first noticed this problem with the R05’s a few weeks ago when I was doing some random read tests of my DVD media. Basically I was just plucking some DVD’s at random from my collection and running them through a CD-Speed transfer rate test to look for any obvious anomalies. (I would have preferred to do a full PI/PIF scan but wasn’t confident at the time that my pioneer drives PIF data was reliable, anyway that’s a different story). What I found was that a lot of my riteks where reading back with a very wobbley looking curve. When I looked more carefully I noticed that it was always the G05’s that were doing this and never the G04’s or R02’s. I then borrowed a liteon burner to get some more reliable PI/PIF scans and and got the results posted above here, really bad for the G05’s. It’s true that not all of the G04’s are scanning particularly well, but none are so terrible like the G05 scan linked above.


That is well said mate!!! Ritek do not brand RIMedia or RIdisc, the extreme AAA+ is nothing to do with Ritek Corporation either. It is of another company’s doing and I’m not naming any names.


Stick with TY, everything else appears to be rubbish now
and that includes Verbatim MCCs and Riteks of all brands

You’ll be lucky if any of the others last a year!


Well MCC and CMC performed better on the ageing asspect in the latest c’t test.


I’d be interested to read that, would you happen to have a link or a translation or a summary?


I’ve read, last year, a longevity study (artifical heat and humidity) done in France on several medias, MCC was the clear winner, followed closely by Maxell and Ricoh. I’m not sure any TY media was tested though.

I’m currently looking for an online transcription of this study and if I can find it I’ll post it here, promise. :iagree: