My Ricoh (MP5125A) DVD+RW, CD-R/RW can't burn CD-Rs

I have a Ricoh (MP5125A) DVD+RW, CD-R/RW,
my operating system is windows XP home edition ,
vendor of my PC(desktop) is HP (Hewlett Packard),
i bought my PC in Germany since 2 years ago.

Everything was ok until i reinstalled my windows xp ,
now i can not write to CD-R media at all,
but i can write to DVD+R/RW or CD-RW media with no problems.
so the problem is that i can not write to CD-R at all with my
Ricoh (MP5125A) DVD+RW, CD-R/RW.

the Speed when write:
12x when write to CD-R but it fails.
10x when write to CD-RW with succeess.
2.4x when write to DVD+R/RW with succeess.

I slow the speed down but with no succeess useing 2x 4x 8x ,
so can someone help to resolve this Tragedy .



What CD-R media do you use?

And what CD software program(s) do you have installed?


I use those CD-R media types:
(i.b@se) , (EMTEC) , (Sony) , (Silverblue) , ( YAKUMO) .

Befor reinstalling the windows xp i could Burn this types of CD-R media, but after i did reinstall windows xp the problem occured !!

Iam using befor and after this problem (Head Nero)!!.

i use the same windows xp!.

please help

It’s really strange that CD-RWs and DVDs work, but CD-Rs not :confused:
Do you use the same Nero version as before?

Just to be sure I would re-install the Aspi-Drivers (latest version).

Then un-install InCD that comes with Nero. It can cause problems.

If it still doesn’t work I would suggest to completely un-install Nero
and try it with another CD software.

My recommendation: NTI CD&DVD Maker 6.5 :slight_smile:
You can download a trial version of this program at

NTI CD&DVD Maker is a very compatible program and should work
without any problems. If not, please post the exact error message.

Andy :smiley: