My review on "legalsounds"

Ok, this is just my little contribution for reviewing “music download” sites.
I tried out “”. Here is what I think about them.

Pros :

  • good web site
  • good download software
  • good music price

Cons :

  • The mentioned “song of the day”, is more a song of the week; and there seems to be a number of preselected songs going in circle.
  • Quality of the ripping is very bad. Just try to download some songs, and open it with a waveform viewer; you’ll see what I mean.
  • I tried out a bank transfer payment. Money went off my account, but “magically” disappeared and never reached destination…
    • no responses
    • no help
    • no support

Well, my personal suggestion is : USE AT YOUR OWN RISK !
My note : 1 on 10

Thank you for your input and welcome to the forum. This is a nice idea to give a rating or review of the download site. Perhaps others have had experiences they would like to share.

Here again to update my review on the Legalsounds.
I mentioned a problem in payment by bank transfer last time. This MUST still be improved, as lot of people does not want to give credit card numbers on the net.
Anyway, maybe with some delay, but finally I had a response from “Legalsounds”, which resolved the issue. This is very good point ! They could choose to not answer at all, but they did.
So, to update my point of view on their site here we are

  • good web site (in particular the “charts” are very interesting and useful)
  • good software (works ok, download speed is good)
  • 1 free “song of the day”
  • music cost !
  • you will download MP3 and NOT WMA and its problematic restrictions.


  • Still have to check if the “free song of the day” is really changing every day.
  • Web site not showing up very well when using Firefox

Finally, a really :clap: for solving the issue.

How fast are your downloads from Legalsounds?

I can’t get speeds of more than 11kbps from it, and on a 1mb broadband connection that’s not very good! (I can usually get speeds of 110kbps).

Any help gratefully received.

I’ve found that the actual download speed is very good. I can DL three songs at once, 100-150K each on avg. The actual website and downloader program themselves seem to be a bit slow (or even unavailable at times), but download speeds are good. Overall I’m very satisfied with the site. It doesn’t have every band you search for, but it’s had probably 80%. Not bad at all for .09 per song!

I agree with garybull781. At $0.09 per track (yes, dollars) its a deal, its a steal, its the sale of the f****n’ century! Personally have found that everything I have downloaded is of good quality, download speeds are good and I’ve even found one or two tracks on here that I couldn’t find anywhere else on the web. :cool:

No A steal is using google to donwload full music with a constant bitrate of 192kb/s

I use legalsounds quite a bit, you should talk to other customers of legalsounds at the aom3 forums (

there a good indepth review of legalsounds here:

There is another great review of LegalSounds at , along with reviews of over a dozen other similar music sites. You can check out how LegalSounds stacks up against the other Russian music sites there as well.

What bit rate are you getting on the songs you download?