My review of 2500 vs 2510a

In my hands i have now recieved a 2510a. I also have a 2500 in the other. Taking into account of a possible laser calibration, i wanted to be for sure i could burn DL media. Here are my results, simple tests nothing big yet.

Backing up numerous dvd’s that have been tested and backed prior to this on my 2500.

2500: stock firmware
2510a: stock firmware

Kill Bill
2030 Hours: completion time 24 minutes
0 retrys

2040 Hours: completion time incomplete
78 retrys upon cancel back up

2100 Hours: Completion time 27 minutes
4 retries

2132 Hours: completion 38 minutes
13 retries

Homeward Bound
2202 Hours: completion time 24 minutes
0 retries

2236 Hours: completion time 27 minutes
0 retries

Ticking noise is still present in the 2510a as it was in the 2500.
As of now have not backed up any movies so burn quality has not been tested. Read seams a lot worse than my 2500. Which NEC has told me there the same drives just different firmware. They wont speculate on if the 2510a had any calibration done to it.