My results on my first movie: IG2

Ideally, I believe the best environment to test out this new version is after a new OS install with minimal required software to run DVD2One. Because if it works as plan then most likely it’ll be a software problem later ifyou don’t install any new hardware. But alas, we can’t always have this opportunity for reasons of our own.

Well, with that said and I can’t achieve this ideal environment in the near future, I’m using WinXP Pro with SP1 and I’m glad that my first movie didn’t crash on me when doing a full disk backup. I just did Inspector Gadget 2. Looks good but I haven’t done it with the other programs yet, DVd95Copy and InstantCopy 7, to compare. Here’s my comments on my backup.

Original movie only: 4.49 GB (4,831,752,192 bytes)
DVD2ONe set at 2051MB: 2.25 GB (2,416,091,136 bytes)

  1. Video quality is not bad with size set at 2051 MB. I still see lingering artifacts with close inspections on the computer and I kind of expected they would be present. But on a better note, I do see a little increase in quality as compared to by previous version backups.

  2. Layer breaks still exists. Since I haven’t burnt it yet, I can’t tell you if that the movie plays without problems.

  3. No option to select unwanted audio ro subtitles. This issue has been addressed and I agree that we should have that option.

My question is by setting the size to what we want, does the extras and menus compensate proportionally with that? Say I set it to 3000 MB. I assume that my movie will be around 3000 MB and everything else shrinks to fit the movie unto a DVD. And of course, the video quality will decrease for those.

I’m going to sound stupid asking this again but what does the “size” option do for me with doing full disk copy. I thought that’s how big my end movie was going to be when I set it initially at 2051 MB but when I did it again at 3000 MB, my end movie size got smaller. Now, I know how it works when in movie-only mode. :confused: :confused:

some people were having problems burning to the edge of the dvd. me included. setting the output size lower solves this.

I still dont understand this as if I lower my size, wouldn’t my extras compensate by increasing in size and quality. I don’t have to much control on what the end-size for the whole DVD would be. The original DVD size for IG2 is 7.69 GB (8,261,619,712 bytes).

Just like previous versions, we can set the approximate end-size we want for when doing movie-only. But it doesn’t work the same for full-copy.

@DVD2One team

Can you clear the smoke for me on my issue with the size?