My Registration Key does not work with new version (3.x)

Good suggestion but, Yeah, that was my first stop weeks ago. Not a word from anyone at DVDFAB. I contacted element5 who got back to me within a day or so. They told me they could do nothing and directed me back to the software company, DVDFAB. I even sent an email to customer service at DVDFAB asking for an upgrade price from Gold to Platinum (I figure if there was money involved someone at DVDFAB would respond). Besides, how much can an upgrade cost? 50 bucks? Still no response. Hmmm. Maybe they should check their SPAM filter. Thanks for your help. viren

Just wanted to let everybody know I did get this resolved months ago, but forgot to update this thread. DVDFab tech support did not ever reply. It turns out my e-mail service provider was blocking the automatic replies to the keygen utility. It was NOT my own spam filtering controls, but the server in which handled my e-mail service! Their spam filtering blocked it! It wasn’t until I setup a new e-mail service that I got a response from the keygen utility. So, folks…if you ain’t getting your key from this check your e-mail service!!!

Thanks for updating your thread I am sure thats what is happening to other people also

Thanks for the update, maybe the others that are having the problem should also check their e-mail service provider could be also happening to them :confused:

Thanks gbenton, Jaminsd, and Stormtrooper.

I will check with my email service about the key blocking issue, however, version 2.X keys were not blocked and version 3.X has known key related issues. I’ll post my results as the develop. viren

I checked with my mail server and they do not block email from China. I have not heard from Tech support, Fengtao, or Customer Service. I can certainly understand other posters frustration with this company.

How about from auto senders?


Thank you for your reply. I’m not sure what autosenders have to do with dvdidle (a.k.a. fengtao) not honoring their agreement and send me a working “KEY”. They admit they changed their sfw and their old ver will not work with the new “KEY”. If you’ve read my posts, I’ve sent them all the data they need to verify my license. dvdidle (Fengtao) advertised lifetime upgrades … my sfw was less than 10 months old when it quit working because of the “KEY” issue. Now there is no response. I bet if I purchase another full license I would get a working “SFW KEY” right away. And element 5 … well … there hands are tied. They can do nothing but redirect me to … you know where … yep, dvdidle.

Auto sender will send you a new key to the email address that you used when you bought it, all you have to do is go to the support section and it will have a link for you to click on to receive a key all you have do is put in your email address, That is what auto sender has to do with it. Wait do mean that you still are using Ver 2 ?

I know this may not help the situation any, but today, I just went through the whole registration thing without a bit of trouble. Now I use Hotmail for my e mail address so that may make a difference. But it was one,two,three and over. I truely don’t believe they are set out to do you in or take you over here. Sounds like a combination of a lot of bad circumstances piled together. Is there a way to get in contact with your provider personally and explain the situation? ~ Mike

Or else you’re ISP maybe blocking email from China or your system might think it’s spam and sending your email to the spam folder

Hi Viren
If you read post #12 you will see that Fengtao stated " send him a [B]PM[/B] the [B]order number[/B] and the order [B]e-mail address that was used during the perchase.[/B]
[B]Does NOT say send an e-mail[/B] BUT a [B]PM[/B]

Auto senders are used by spammers, but legit companies also use them to reply to customers and send SW keys. Many email handlers block all email from auto senders. You send request for help a general response is sent. I know Ebay, PayPal, my bank, and most of my credit cards sent first response by auto sender.

From date that you purchased, I know that you have have a 2.#.#.# and a new key will be needed to activate the 3.#.#.# version. The key updat is done with an auto sender and as long as the information is sent through the form on Contact or Support on page. the process is as Follows:

  1. When trying to retrieve a new key and email address has changed, you will need to change your email address in the database on the server. You will need the email address that you used when ordering to change to the new one.
  2. Also you may have to wait a day or two for the server to upgrade the database because the database is only upgraded once daily. Due to time differences, it will depend on the time you change the email address.
  3. Users are stored in the database using email address as the identifier. After the change of email address is updated, you should be able to retrieve keys for purchased products. All versions 3 products require a new key and many fake keys have been purged from the database.
    4, If you bought the product from a legit source, the key will have to be generated manually instead of the auto sender which takes more time. There have been problems with this in the past and fengtao has replaced all legit purchased keys and once gave an exception to one former affiliate for a limited time.

It is hard to believe there are people still using old versions since protection has chanced so much. We had several problems when Version 3 was first introduced, but that first non beta version was released September 18, 2006.

There were several sites that took advantage of Fengtao’s free full version 30 day trial to sell it, then bought a key and shared with those who purchased from them. Eventually those keys were blacklisted causing Fengtao to be cautious when issuing new keys not in the database.

Make sure that you try the above process because it works for at least 90% of the users. Note the web address has changed to for DVDFab Platinum and Gold.


bigmacnc, Stormjumper

First of all thanks for the info. I believe you told me about the email address issue (#18). The thing is my email carrier is the same. My email address is the same (#19). I am now DSL instead of dial-up (yeah! for me!). I talked with my carrier and they do not block email from China (#26). I checked my junk mail folder and found no msg from fengtao, dvdidle, tech support, cust serv. etc. etc. As I stated previously, nothing has changed except the software.

I recieved the Key when I originally purchased the sfw several months ago. Since that time my HDD crashed and burned (total loss - no backup - I know … I’m an idiot). Anyway … I’m rebuilding everything.

element5 got back to me right away (good job guys) and sent me the path to ver 2.x.x.x and my old key worked (#19). But the sfw does backup my movies though.

In regards to Stormjumpers ref to #12 … see #15.

Thanks for the feedback though! I appreciate all you support. I’m sure there are others that use there sfw occassionally and haven’t found out about the keygen issue.

Hi Viren
Here is a copy of post #15 it states that you Sent an [U]E-Mail[/U] and in post # 12 Fengtao said to send a [B]PM[/B]([U]Private Message[/U]).
Just incase you do not know how to do this, Find a post by Fengtao and right click on his name and on the drop down click on Send a Private Message

Make sure you add to the PM the Order Number and your email that was used during the purchase and your email address that you are using now.

Thanks Stormjumper for the G2.
I didn’t realize #12 applied to everyone posting.
Fengtao provided a new key that works.
Thanks everyone for your input and support.

There are 3 things needed to resolve your KEY issue:

  1. Read through the previous posts.
  2. Keep your posts at the top of the queue.
  3. PM fengtao with your issue and supporting material.

[B]Thanks [/B] Stormjumper, bigmacnc, gbenton, jasminsd, TCAS, astone2665 and of course fengtao.
I really appreciate your input.

Hello Viren
I’m very happy that you finally got your issue taken care of some times we over look the answers when reading the replies from others, anytime you need help just ask and we will try our best to help

I have repeatedly attempted to retrieve a Key from fentao. I have yet to get any response. The program says that an e-mail has been sent, but I receive nothing.

When I upgraded to the latest version, it wiped out my key entirely. It says that I have used the "free’ program for 30 days, and must purchase it now.

This is the second time that an upgrade has done this to me. I had to purchase the program again last time, because the company simply refused to respond to any request to send me a product key.

Could this just be a way to force us to re-purchase the program? I know that I will NEVER upgrade again.

Hello oldmedic
Welcome to the forum
The answer to your problem is in this thread all members that help other members have gone over this issue many times already so PLEASE read each post within this thread to see if you can locate the fix in one of the posts
also if you or your mail server uses spam filter this could be the problem BUT read this thread and all of the posts within

First you need to put your key in a safe place, email it to yourself. There are many posts in this thread that address this problem. Also fengtao’s data base is based on the email address you used when purchasing.