My Registration Key does not work with new version (3.x)

I am a registered user of DVDFab Gold. My existing registration key will not work with the newly downloaded version (3.x). I have been trying to contact DVDFab support via e-mail and using the ‘retrieve reg key’ form and I get no response. When I enter in my regkey, it says it’s registered, but the program still asks for a regkey on start-up and will not let me run the application. Please help! :doh:

Hi gbenton, Firstly welcome the the worlds best forum :iagree:

Please can you supply some more info;

where, when, did you purchase this program.

Was it Element5 etc.

Please supply more info.

Barry White :cool:

Yes, purchased it through Element5 on May 6, 2004.

Do you still have a copy of the email that was sent to you :confused:
or have the Order Nimber


This is a problem that only can help you with.

I have been trying to contact for over a month now!!! …with no response from them to get me a working registration key for the software I bought and paid for and according to their website I am entitled to get free updates. Well, this update is NOT free if I can’t get my registration key to work with it! Also, I have been trying to use their automated form for key retrieval…I get nothing from that too. Please help! I love the software and want to use it. My “trial period” (for the new version) has now expired and I can’t use it at all now even though I paid for it!!! :sad:

I can provide proof of purchase. I purchased DVDFab through Element5 on May 6, 2004.

Forward a copy of your email from Element 5 to That way he will personally receive it.


Sent an e-mail to … still no response! What gives??? :confused:

Sometimes the author of the program goes through these posts. Other than that we are not Fab support, we do not know
"What Gives" If you have a problem with the program we would be more than glad to help you. I am sorry that this has happened to you, others have had the same issue. If you e-mail your receipt from when you bought the program, I am sure they will get back to you. This is the Hoilidays and maybe Fengtaos staff is on vacation. ( Just a guess) Please be patient and I am sure you will get a response.:doh:

Don’t feel alone, I’ve been trying for about 7 weeks to get a new reg. key. I also have sent fengtao a PM. Except for the good people on this forum , you feel like you are being ignored. Hang in there…

I am having the same problem. I don’t feel as bad now, since I have only been trying for 10 days or so. It would be nice to get a response from them.

gbenton,, please PM me your order number and order e-mail address, and I will send you the new key, thanks for your understanding.

Same boat. DVDFab Platinum upgrade support problems - apparently for multiple people.

Received no response from Fengtao, author of DVDIdle software, after multiple emails requesting upgrade key to version 3.x of DVDFab Platinum.

Purchased DVDFab Platinum at version 2.x, and website still states free lifetime upgrade. Sent requests through their website’s default request to “resend key” and also through their website’s email to tech support and business support, but no responses for approximately 6 weeks. I am a registered purchaser, at same email address as at time of purchase, and have kept my original key on my computer only. These details were provided in each email to Fengtao software.

Perhaps there has been a problem with the communications system, perhaps Fengtao software is busy with bug fixes & updates, perhaps the person or people at the software company are busy with some personal matters, or perhaps they are ignoring their customers and the stated promise (still on their website) of free lifetime upgrades. Impossible to tell. The software (DVDFab) has a good reputation for functionality and ease of use, and the company has been reported to be responsive in the past. If too many customers report problems with receiving the upgrade keys and the problems remain unresolved, as more than a few appear to be at present, eventually this will hurt sales. New potential customers will be wary of any company that does not deliver on its promises. Hopefully, the problems of providing upgrade keys to registered paid customers will get resolved.

Only if you [B]read the post from the program author and follow his instructions[/B]. Depending on your forum settings, it’s either just above or below the material you posted and had been there the better part of a day.

I’m having the same upgrade issue … old DVDFAB Gold reg key is not recognized. :sad: I sifted through the posts and got the contact info needed :bow: ( and Sent an email out with purchase info from customer service center. :flower: My guess is CRM and tech support is limited to this forum. Whatever works! I have my fingers crossed. :iagree:

If you have a spam filter you may want to check it , sometimes replies from Fengtao is blocked do to the fact he is in China


Try to restore your system to while back and then try to upgrade see if that resolve your problem.

When trying to retrieve a new key and email address has changed, you will need to change your email address in the database on the server. You will need the email address that you used when ordering to change to the new one. Also you may have to wait a day or two for the server to upgrade the database because the database is only upgraded once daily. Due to time differences, it will depend on the time you change the email address. Users are stored in the database using email address as the identifier. After the change of email address is updated, you should be able to retrieve keys for purchased products. All versions 3 products require a new key and many fake keys have been purged from the database. If you bought the product from a legit source, the key will have to be generated manually instead of the auto sender which takes more time. There have been problems with this in the past and fengtao has replaced all legit purchased keys and once gave an exception to one former affiliate for a limited time. It is hard to believe there are people still using old versions since protection has chanced so much. We had several problems when Version 3 was first introduced, but that first non beta version was released September 18, 2006. There were several sites that took advantage of Fengtao’s free full version 30 day trial to sell it, then bought a key and shared with those who purchased from them. Eventually those keys were blacklisted causing Fengtao to be cautious when issuing new keys not in the database.


Thanks for getting back to me on the bad key issue. In regards to Stormjumper’s suggestion that my SPAM filter blocked fengtao’s email reply. I didn’t see anthing in the “Junk” mail box. That’s the only place it would go. Thanks for the suggestion. That was a good one. In regards to TCAS’s suggestion of restoring a previous rev, I did that when element5 re-sent me the path to the old 2.x version. We’re in sync on that. With regards to bigmacnc’s idea that my email address has changed … it hasn’t. My product registration is on file in the DVDFAB or DVDidle database, all of which was provided in an email to fengtao 5 days ago. I can understand fengtao’s hesitation with providing a new key but there is ample info in my account record that is currently on file. Thanks for all you good suggestions. viren

Have you tried the support area on DVDFab website