My recorder is making weird noises at night



I have the new Sony home unit recorder. The noise is that annoying whiny noise you hear when you turn on your recorder, and it starts loading, even if there is no DVD in tray.

Anyway, notice last few days at 3am this noise in my bedroom. But the recorder is off!

any ideas appreciated.thanks.


Has your DVD Recorder got a fan on the back? If it has, then you might want to disconnect it from the mains before you go to sleep.


I have an Emerson that does the same thing. The cooling fan comes on for about 15 secs. every 20 minutes. I used to switch of the power block when I thought it was the DVD drive spinning up, but now I just live with it.


3 AM ? Uh oh ! I think you are suffering from demonic posession - According to the movie exorcism of Emily Rose, 3AM is the inverse of 3PM, which is the hour Christ was resurrected - So usually demonic manifestations occur at 3AM precisely, like in the movie exorcism of Emily Rose. So that is the problem.

To PROVE this, simply UNPLUG the unit from the outlet, it will still make noises.

I can’t give any further advice mate, but all I can say is…BE AFRAID…be VERY afraid, this is only the beginning.

Get a new recorder or better yet a new house…but don’t take this lightly, it will get worse!

BTW is your DVD recorder one of those models with a hard disk ?