My r200 printer need a service

does anyone know how to fix this problem without having to send it of
sorry about this but heres a rant
why should someone be able to put a piece of software onto MY printer to tell it to stop working so that i can not use something that i paid good money for
if any ideas could you post below or email me at

Ah… what problem?
Also, what are you trying to print? If it’s money and your drivers are preventing it from printing, try turning the picture 45 degrees and print it like that.
I am, of course, assuming nobody would be stupid enough to try to forge money with a consumer printer.

What is the problem? Does your computer see the printer? or are you having a print problem? Have you tried to do the factory reset option? Have you tried to re-load the driver for windows? let us know and we may be able to help.

If its because of compatible ink that can be fixed also…

try this link below

BEAT ME TO IT this is the programe you need to reset your printer when it says have you changed ink pad click yes have reset mine 3 times now and its fine i also use compatible ink carts

cheers to all that have helped printer good as new thanx again (sorry if people didnt get the question but it was in my header)
also this is the first time on this site cool site always new that there was people out there ready to help

Does this program works better then the original?

should I install it if I am going to use compatible ink?