My Question on BD-RE



For anybody that has used standalone blu-ray recorders (like DMR-BW900):

when you record to BD-RE, is it like recording to DVD-RAM (where you can edit out commercials, divide programs, etc - basically recording to a removable HDD) or DVD +/- RW?

I’m just curious, thanks.


I guess I’ll answer my own question. For those that are interested:

browsing through the pdf manual of the DMR-BW900, I found out that these are constantly grouped together:

HDD; BD-RE (ver 2.1); DVD-RW (VR); DVD-RAM. I’m assuming if you record to these, editing features are allowed.

-RW (V) is its own animal.

then BD-R DVD-R DVD-R DL (discs you can/must finalise).

Interestingly, I don’t think BD-R DL is compatible at all with these machines.


It likely varies from player to player, but any of the rewritable discs should work with editing features.

The DVD-RW (VR) and DVD-RW(V) are the same discs, (VR) and (V) denote the video format. (V) is the DVD video standard, (VR) is the video recording format.