My PX716A is not even a 12x writer anymore

like the majoority of the owners of this expensive drive; Powerec kicks the speed at12x when i burn at 16x with MCC04.

but now; when i burn at 12x some MCC04’s the burners kicks at 4x at the end of the burn (beetween 80 and 90%)!!
not 8 nor 6; 4x!!!

anyway the produced discs are good if i believe the plextools’ s scans

so do i have to RMA it or this thing is “normal” for this burner ?

Try to perform a Plextools FE/TE scan before burning to ensure your media is not the culprit … maybe you received a bad batch of media that shows erratic behaviour on the outer edge of the discs (which happens quite often) … I experienced the very same thing with some 4x Taiyo Yuden +R from Maxell some months ago.

I think JanLuc is right. I’ve experienced similar stuff. Look here:

These 8x +R TDK burn just fine at 8x or 12x if you look at it from the side of PIE-values, but that red spike @ the 2.8GB position in the FE/TE-Test forces the 716a to drop in speed (down to 4x!).

Same here with those Verbatim 03RG20 that are labelled Verbatim. The Philips still burn fine.

i was looking for tayo yuden; but the hyundai spindle i have bought appears to be fake media cause the pi/po scans looks horrible even a 4x

if i buy dvd in or; wich brand i can buy safely (not fake TY02) ?

hyundai are fake Yudens!

yes i know that now lol!

any brand to advice ?

The Fuji brand can be Taiyo Yuden (or Ritek, ask the shop if you see some Fuji discs if they can check) and of course, Plextor’s own media is always Taiyo Yuden (and about the best quality you can get but at a price of course)…

thanks g@mefre@k; and congratulations for this excellent community !