My PX-W5224TA/SW hates "TY" media

I’ve heard good things about “TY” media so i decided to get some, I got these FUJIFILM CDRs made by TY :
I got a 25 pk slim X48
now the problem is that I used about 8 cds and like 4 of them died during the burning process…
I’m using the newest Firmware-1.03
I’m burning my cds with nero…

here is another interesting thing…I’ve used TDK cds made by “CMC” i had a 50 pk X48…and no coasters…
I heard that my Plextor is peaky with media and likes only the good stuff…

so can u please tell me whats going on…I’m really lost(I got 2 packs of 25=50! fujifilm cds cause they were supposed 2 be good and ohave about 40 left)

tanx 4 the help guys…and sorry about the crappy english

Hi Spit Fire,

I’m sorry I can’t compare with your CDRW drive, but I use Fujifilm 50 pack CDR 40x (Taiyo Yuden, type 1) with my DVDRW PX-712A + Nero and it works fine.

Did you try updating your nero? or howabout trying with the supplied Roxio software?

Also use Fujifilm 48x. Works fine in Teac CDW 540, Yamaha CRW-F1, Plex 161040A, Plex 708A. Almost the best discs I ever had.

I have used burned over 100 Fuji TY in a W5224TA with no problems. Matter of fact, they have had the lowest C1 error rate of all the discs I’ve burned with the W5224TA. If other burns fine as you’ve stated, I would guess you got a bad batch of media. The W5224TA I’ve used has NO problems with TY media.

I’ve encountered this problem with other brand 50 pack. First 6 medias burn coasters. Then I pick one in the middle of the spindle and burn fine.

TY CD-R and DVD+R/DVD-R disks worked fine for me. Plextor, Yamaha, LG, Samsung, Lite-On, Pioneer, Ricoh, Toshiba, Sony, NEC…

I’ve never had any bad “batch” from TY and Fujifilm’s a reliable source I thought.

What happened to the four TY disks that didn’t experience coasters?

Wha t was the media code on the discs? Are you sure they were TY or were they made by Fujifilm?

how can i check errors with my plextor?

5224 doesnt support C1/C2 error measurement.

I know…so how did the other guy check for errors?