My PX-716SA wont read any CD/DVD...Please HELP!

Hi All,

I bought my PX-716SA SATA 6months ago and have had no problem until 3days ago!

For the life of me, I dont know why! I have downloaded and installed the 1.09 update, still no joy. I have disable IDE controls in my bios, nothing! What should I do? Could it be a particular XP update to blame?

MB P5ND2-SLI Deluxe
2GB mem
No other drives in my system
Running Nero software that came with the Plextor

Advanced thanks if anyone can help!


Run the self-test and if it fails contact Plextor to have it replaced. How to run the self-test is explained in the Plextor FAQ. If the test passes report back so we can help you further. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply,

Unfortunately it was not the answer I was really hoping for!!

The self test shows all my 716SA details but fails to regonise every type of DVD/CD I put in my drive!

I was desperately hoping not to have to return my player, something I have never had to do with any other DVD write/player before but obviously something Plextor 716 owners apparently have to do frequently, many more than once!!!

I’m going to atempt one last ditch effort and to install the nVidia nForce drivers version 8.22 in the hope this may solve the problem.

Between u and me G@, u know this is probably not going to work though.

Fingers, toes and other parts of my anotomy that are able to be crossed will be done. Will keep you posted of my success or in truth, failure!!


Well G@,

Installing the updated nVidia nForce drivers failed miserably, I guess u knew that though!

I have finally received the email of death, after 4 days, from Plextor Support

It looks like your drive is defective.For returning the device, please
mention your details on the request page of our website: bla bla bla

Oh well, I’m now going to follow the footsteps of many a Plextor 716 owner and return my reader for replacement!!

I thought that Plextor was one of the best double layer players out there! Obviously not and I find it a damn expensise way to find out.

To be honest, as much as I will now send it off, I will also look for a newer reliable DVD double layer copier/reader. Any suggestions of a good, reliable one out there before I once again jump in and buy the wrong thing?