My PX-716A Wont Read Any Media



My PX-716A have worked fine now for months and yeasterday, when I putted a dvd in it did not start. What can the problem be? The CD/DVD player is cabled right and it shows in My Computer. So?!? Any great ideas`?

And sorry if for my bad English when Im not from a english talkin country


Your English is good. I am from an English speaking country and my English is horrible. LOL

Did you try a DVD that worked before?
Is this DVD one that you burned or is it a purchased DVD?

Try one that you know will work in another player.

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This is a purchased DVD and not burned§ I tried with the one that i used the other day, and I tried with a new one! It wil not work eather with regulary audio cds


He could have been bitten by the 716A bug that’s gotten quite a few of us where the drive all of a sudden refuses to read ANY media, pressed or burned, necessitating an RMA.


If so what should I do? Is the only method to get a RMA?


Two Degrees is probably right and the drive has failed. Are you getting any LED blink codes with the media inserted, is the drive spinning up?. You could try try removing the drive in your Device Manager and restarting Windoze, the drive should re install automaticaly. Doubt that this will help but it’s a simple thing to check.:wink:


No I Am not getting any led blink codes when the media is inserted, and I tried to remove it from Device Manager and re installed it. So now I am filling out a RMA


call plextor for rma # and return the burner if under warranty.the NO# is 18002040332,hour usa time 8am to 6pm eastern standard time.