My PX-716A Just Failed

I haven’t even used it much since I purchased it. I was in the middle of burning a sixth DVD+R using Nero when it failed. When I insert a DVD, it gives me two amber blinks and won’t initialize. I’ve rebooted, but that hasn’t helped. CDVDInfo says that the drive is returning hardware error code 040901. Unless someone has some suggestions to revive the drive, it’s going back to Plextor. (And I was dumb enough to recycle the box just a couple of weeks ago.)

Could be the media. See below.:slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I just tried prerecorded media and blank media that has worked before, and the problem remains. I think the servo mechanism has decided to take a vacation. It sounds different when I insert a disk.

I can only suggest to do the Self Diagnostic Test, found in FAQ:

Q: I think my Plextor drive is defective. How can I make sure?
A: When you suspect your Plextor drive to be defective please run the self-diagnostic test. If your drive fails the diagnostics test contact your nearest dealer or Plextor office. Follow one of the links below for more information on how to perform the self diagnostics test or read through the manual you got with your drive:

Good luck!

Thanks, Zevia. I’ll try the self-diagnostics test before I call Plextor. I also just placed an order for a Benq 1640. Judging by your signature, it makes sense to have at least one backup burner. Maybe more. :iagree:

RMA, try get a TLA 0308.

My PX-716A failed the self-diagnostics test with an amber light blinking three times in succession. I’m sending it back to Plextor. I installed a BenQ 1640 last night in its place. I’m not used to BenQ’s software, but so far its quality test has given me bad tracking and focusing errors with Verbatim 16x DVD+R, suggesting I burn it at a lower speed. Maybe ignorance is bliss.

Heh, I just bought a Plexwriter Premium and it’s DOA; it won’t read anything. Amber blinks for all!

Well, Plextor sent me a replacement 716A. It’s a TLA 0308 manufactured in August 2005. I’m assuming it’s not a refurb. Problem is that I’ve replaced it with a BenQ 1640 which seems to be working just fine. I really don’t feel like installing the Plextor just to see if it works, but I suppose I should. Maybe if I’m at a complete loss for something to do. Plextor’s turn-around was fast and they were very friendly on the phone. So I’m impressed with their service, but I’m surprised that the drive failed in such a short time with so little use.

I can see you’re not familiar with a company called “Pontiac”. :bigsmile:

If you don’t know what to do with the 716, I can think of a use for it. I’ll even pay the shipping. I’d never buy a 716, but hey… :wink: