My px-712sa came ina px-712a box?

my px-712sa came ina px-712a box ??

it says on the box that it has a black front but mine has the white one ??

when i called and sent emails to plextor i was told the drive does not come with a black front but it says on my box it has a black front

they went on to say i could pay for one for only 15 uk pounds and they dont give them away for free hmm 15 for a black bezel wow now thats some price

can eny one help me get one for less and help me as my pc now looks naff:(

as ever sc00terx

I can confirm the PX-712SA is shipped in the PX-712A box but it should have a sticker on the box which states PX-712SA and S-ATA drive. When you bought the drive, did you buy a white version or a black version? If you ordered the black one you should go back to the shop you got it from and exchange it. Let us know how things go.

Hi thanks for the reply i can not go back to where i got the item from as it was send by a loss aduster from a flood that killed my first drive well the hole pc and i was told they could not get the one i hade but i could have eny other i wanted to , i went for the px-712sa/t3 i think it was i did say i would like a black front as my pc is now set up with this look

it looks like i will have to pay them the money to get this ah well
is life you dont get nothing for nothing but i was hopeing they would help me with this as they must have saved some money not haveing to make box`s for the drive and took the cheap way to re use a box they hade

as ever sc00terx :confused: :sad: :sad: :confused:

just got back off the phone to plextor in holland and they say its not up to them but i have to go to the part of the company in .be Belgium and they are no help

if eny one can tell me where to get a black front for a plextor please help

as plextor dont want to

as ever sc00terx