My PX-712A's write quality

My PX-712A:
firmware v1.05
TLA# 0103

I just burned a DVD-R "DataSafe 4x, RITEKG04 dye) with 4.32GB worth of data on it, write speed of max rated 4x. I used Nero as recording software. I have Adapatec ASPI drivers of v4.60. I attach a screen shot of the PI/PO quality scan using PlexTools v2.18. There are 0 POF’s but a curve of PIE’s starting from low to peak of 179 at end. I know this is within the spec of 280, but its still quite pants compared to some ppl’s scan of 10-20 PIE’s. Does this indicate I have an inferior drive? Should I be worried enough to try to RMA it?

RitekG04 isn’t the best media out there, so I wouldn’t worry too much that your Plex isn’t burning them too well. If it does that to higher quality media like Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or Maxell then I’d worry about RMAing.

Thx. Can you recommend any good DVD+R media dyes? I am thinking of getting some blanks that are based on the MMC003 dye, cos reading posts in the forum these give good quality at higher speeds.

For my PX 712A (#0101), FW 1.05 i use only Verbatim Media 4x (+R/-R), 8x (+R/-R), 12x (+R) or 16x (+R). Both are with MCC00X and are the “best choice” for this burner! Trust Me!!! :iagree:

Lord Croft
Do you mean the media thats has to be branded as Verbatim, or any other branding as long as they use varbatim dye?

Generally if you want to make sure it’s really MCC media, stick to Verbatim.

ONLY Verbatim!!! :iagree:

I Agree with Two Degrees. :bow:

So do you think that its not good to rely on media made by other manfacturers but still based on Verbatim dye? I am asking because of the cost factor. Buying Verbatim branded media costs more than the likes of Datasafe, or Bulkpaqm even tho the dyes on them are very similar?

Yeah! More cost is more trusting in record data. I have used other non-branded Verbatim, (also MCC00X), but best results which i have gave is only with “mommy” Verbatim. This Brand is the FIRST test who the “industry of burners” use for test new burners. Other interesting are Maxell, TDK and Tayo Yuden! If your problem is the cost, you can buy a lot of Verbatim in numbers of 10, 25 or 50!!! Big Big Save Money!!! :wink:

Repeat, for Plextor Burners, Verbatim (CD or DVD) is the BEST BEST Choice!

My experience (with a PX712A, f/w 1.05) is this: Genuine Verbatim MCC003 gives superb burns, as good as Taiyo Yuden. I bought a spindle of MCC003 branded as Bulkpaq, and it is very variable. I’ve had a few good burns (on a par with “real” MCC003), a few so-so ones, and several completely unusable ones, by which I mean you get a Medium Error during PI-PO scanning. I will certainly never buy any more MCC media unless it’s Verbatim.

My experience: MCC004 (Verbatim 16x DVD+R) is the best. Then Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T02 (Fuji brand made in japan).

Check out this link. or my signature.

Recently I got some faked Yuden T02s. Resulting in error rates above 150 all the way. :a