My problems with Asus 5224A

My 5224A refuses to work properly when put as a slave drive. It comes up with hardware error randomly on every burn with CCD. I’ve updated my firmware to the latest (v1.20), latest motherboard BIOS, VIA drivers, etc, etc.

I tried combinations with two different DVD drives (LTD 163D and Asus E608), and all of them produce the same problem. However, if the drive is installed by itself as either master or slave, it works fine. I tried changing IDE cables too but that didn’t make any change. Current transfer mode: Ultra DMA Mode2 for both drives.

System specs:
Shuttle AK35GTR Mobo
AthlonXP 1900+
Winxp Pro

So what could be the problem?

Hmm, I seemed to have that same problem with friend’s pc. I’m installing Asus 5224 CD-RW drive…

Reading CD for a image file is no problem but when writing, its stopped and windows comes up ‘Hardware error’

My friend’s pc is 319Mb ram, 500mhz but I guess it shouldn’t effect the performance or hardware issues.