My problems in the continuity of DVD2One/copyToDvd


I use DVD2One together with copytodvd. Thus I have to enter a “Disk Name” in the appropriate field. But the entered name is never used !

When DVD2One has finished, I am given the choice which drive should be used for burning (I have a DVD- and a CD-Burner). This is rather annoying since I have to wait for the end of DVD2One to start copytodvd.

Even worse: after I chose the burner, copytodvd asks for the movie name (shouldn’t that be accomplished by the “Disk Name” above?).

Thus most of the convenience in combining DVD2One and copytodvd is lost (at least in my configuration).

BTW: couldn’t DVD2One check by itself if it is registered, thus avoiding the 3fold choice at the start.

Its simple - in the CopyToDVD options, select your default writer for DVD videos and select the auto-assign disc name option. The whole process is then automatic from DVD2One!

Thanks for the advice: works like a charm.

How stupid of me not to explore the options! I thought what’s not in the help would not exist :wink:

I use CopytoDVD from DVD2One all the time now. Its so much easier and works perfectly every time!