My printing problem with cd-labelprint

I am still having trouble adjusting…

Iam using the Cd-Label program i got and it doesnt seem to adjust automatically when i put it in background. I can put it in Imagefile but i cant just seem to be able to adjsut it to 100% yet…how do i do that

heres an example:

Also where do i downlaod the latest software for CD label Print? This is Canon ip4200.

How is that the fix…it only fixes for Nero not Canon CD-Labelprint …theres no instruction to change it for Canon CD-Labelprint

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The 118mm setting works fine on 119mm Verbs for me. The 0.5mm clearance from the edge avoids printing onto the disc and subsequent smudging of the ink (or having to clean it off with a Q-Tip). If it bothers you, you’ll have to use Nero or SureThing instead.

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Could i ask…do i set it as 119 or 118.5?

David the best way of resolving your problem is to measure the outer and inner diameter of the discs you are going to print on then go to file/select paper and open the default 120 disc template. Change the settings if required and save under a new name for these discs. Print one of your discs and examine it carefully, if not to your liking go back to the settings for that disc and edit the settings until you get what you want. Don’t forget to save the edited version of the file.