My poor matshita sr-8588 dvd-rom



Hi there,

My matshita (panasonic) sr-8588 dvd-rom is making me crazy.
it’s speed is just unstable. When I test it with nero’s cdspeed, sometimes it shows me average reading speed is 30x, sometimes it’s 20x, and sometimes (quite a lot of time!!)… believe it or not, 5x (while the spec states 40x in reading vcd)!! well, I am talking about, testing with the same vcd!!

From nero’s info tool and windows’s device manager, i see that dma is ON. and whenever I run the test, I won’t run any other program. and I flashed the firmware to the most updated one (7Z20)

Actually I don’t care much about the result of the cdspeed test as I encounter no problem playing audio, vcd and dvd, but sometimes it takes me even as long as 20minutes to copy a vcd to my liteon 32123s cd writer (f/w xsoz, speed 32x12x40x)!!

My computer:
CPU: P4 1.6GHz
Ram: 512MB
Mobo: 2thMax (epox) 4sda+
HD: 60GB x 2, raid 0

win2k sp3

Can anyone please give me some hints?