My Plextor DVD burner PX-716A wont burn anything! HELP!

Im just now having problems with my plextor dvd burner. I cant burn audio, or DVD’s. Im almost done back up my movie collection but i cant seem to burn anymore dvds. I am using dvd shrink with dvd decrypter and have had 0 problems till up about few weeks ago.

Everytime i try and burn a dvd i get this message about 30 sec into burning.
Iv updated firm ware what else can i do?

What for media you’ve used and do you’ve tried to check the box Ignore Read Errors in dvddecrypter, you’ll find it in the settings I/O.

That is a difficult error to solve I’m afraid. What I would try first is the self-test. This requires some work but it’s the best way to determine if your drive is the problem or the system. Run the test with a disc that failed and see if it passes. If it fails run the test again with Plextor’s recommended media if you can just to rule out any media issues. If that test also fails contact Plextor and ask them for an RMA.

Sorry but his error has nothing to do with reading, it’s the writing that generates the error.

I’ve just recognized it. :slight_smile:

i dont think its the media because im using the same discs iv always used. sony dvd R+

Maybe copy protection that your version of dvdcrypter can’t handle…

Are you sure?
Sony media has different mid’s, it could be you had before sony’s with another mid.

I dont know. Iv used half this case of dvds just past 5 dvds havnt worked ones before it worked fine. I dont think its the dvd decrypter either. I was thinking that might be it because the ones iv tried were new movies. I tried to back up my old The patriot and that didtn work either. I cant burn audio either. I know my way around a computer alittle so if anyone has any fixes i could try let me know.

Iv run tests on the audio and it passes but when i burn it wont play in the dvd player i have. Ones before worked. Ill keep playing with it hope someone has a fix though thanks for taking the time to read my posts.

As G@M3FR3@K said, run the self diagnostic test first:
Let us know how it goes.

Ran the self test 1 time and it kicked the dvd out after about 10-15 min. Wasnt sure on the number of blinks it gave cause i was surfing web. I want to say there was a steady amber light after the cd was done. Im doing the self test again ill watch it the entire time this time. Ill let you know how it goes.

well it appears to be working fine now. Ran self test. THen tried the disc that came with burner. Worked fine. Then tried my sony discs and it worked. Who knows.

Ok then we have good news and bad news. The good news is that your drive is most likely not the problem since it passes the self-test. The bad news is that we now have to look for another cause of your problems. To rule out a software issue have you tried burning DVD movies with other software like Nero or CloneDVD?

thx for those links but as far as movies go im not having any problems. 2 movies burned 2 different discs. Only problem i am having now is with audio cds. Its writing to the cd but when i put them in my player it skips almost non stop normally the 1st song plays but the rest skip. Im going to pick up some different cds see if thats the problem.

My Plextor 716a is doing the same exact thing. I can burn dvd’s no prblem I can even burn data cd’s but when it comes to the audio cd or mp3 I get an error that says “No seek Complete” I did a firmware update and it does not do anything. I wanted to know if I can uninstall the dvd and all software or what I need to do. Can anyone give me a clue?

What media are you using? No seek complete is usually related to poor quality media.