My Plextor driveS don't like AZO?

To get things started:

PlexWriter Premium fw 1.05
Plextor PX-708A fw 1.08

Verbatim 52x CD-R (CMC) Phthalocyanine (1 spindle of 50)
Verbatim DatalifePlus 52x CD-R (MCC) Cyanine AZO (2 spindles of 50)

I used Nero CD-DVD Speed to create a DAE Quality Test Disc using both types of media (the CMC and MCC) and both are burned at 52x.

I then opened up ScanDisc with only surface scan checked I start the test. For the MCC test disc it starts to show errors (yellow=damaged) 62% into the scan the remaining 38% are all yellow errors.

The CMC disc however does not error and is 100% green. I ran the test twice on both types of media and the results were the same. I then opened up PlexToolsPro 2.19a and did the same test on both types of media. The MCC disc showed extremely high C2 errors and a 0.1 CU error while the CMC disc had no C2 or CU errors.

I thought oh well it’s probably only the discs on top so I pulled a disc near the bottom of the spindle and ran the tests again. Again, the results were still the same errored after 62%, however I brought one of these MCC AZO discs up to my cousin’s place and had him do a test on his Sony DRU-530A. Suprisingly the disc burned perfectly and did not error at all. No yellow blocks and no C2 or CU errors. I used 3 discs on his drive just be sure and the results were the same; all 3 disc were 100% green. We both use the same version Nero and run Windows XP Pro.

Does this mean my Plextor doesn’t like AZO dyed type discs? or is it just a bad batch?

I have the same problem with these discs myself, and others have reported the same thing:

HydrogenAudio forum:

The Verbatim DL+ 52x write perfectly in my Plextor PX-712A at 8x and at 16x, but not so good at 32x and poorly at 48x.

They also write perfectly in my NEC ND-3500AG at 32x and 40x (haven’t tried other speeds yet).

So I suggest you burn them at 16x (or lower) in your Plextor drive, or in some other drive that likes these discs better.

Here are some scans of the Verbatim DataLifePlus Super Azo CD-R 52x (Made in China).

CD Extra with 2 sessions written at 16x in a Plextor PX-712A: Scan 1

CD Extra with 2 sessions written at 32x in a Plextor PX-712A: Scan 2

CD Extra with 2 sessions written at 48x in a Plextor PX-712A: Scan 3

Data CD written at 40x in a NEC ND-3500AG: Scan 4

And for comparison, a Fujifilm CD-R 52x (FUJI Photo Film type 5, Made in Germany):

Data CD written at 48x in a Plextor PX-712A: Scan 5

The compatible of Plextor drivers and AZO’s have long existed since PX 4824,espacially PX-712A,but I’ve never seen PX-Premium have such problems…curious…

Some drivers burn it well but others don’t.

I advise you to burn it with varirec open +1. That may solve some of this kind of compatible problems

If you enable VariRec, the highest possible burning speed will be 8x !

I reiterate my recommendation to first try burning at 16x (without Varirec).

but it DID solved some compatible problem on my 712A and some other users PX-burner.


I agree, there’s really no point in burning CDs at 8x using VariRec if my drive is capable of 52x as if burning at 16x isn’t bad enough already. =(

I’m going to try 16x first then build my way up to 24x. I’ve already tried 40x and 32x and those speeds still give me errors. I guess it’s time for some Taiyo Yudens. :iagree:

no problems with AZO with all 4 of my Plextors :stuck_out_tongue:

Which 4 Plextor drives do you own and what type of media do you use for the drives? I’m referring to 52x CD-R media only.

see signature…52X CMC, TY and Mitsubishi all can burn at or close to 52X in my Premium.

Mine can as well, but what do your scans look like?

Plextor PX-Premium (TLA 0002?)
CD/DVD Speed Create Data Disc

Manufacturer: Verbatim
Code: 97m34s23f
Disc Type: CD-R
Usage: General
Recording Layer: Dye Type 3: Long Strategy (Cyanine, AZO)
Recording Speed: n/a
Capacity: 79:59.73 (703 MB)
Additional Capacity: n/a
Overburn Capacity: not tested

Verbatim 52X CD-R NON-Datalife Plus (50pk Made in Taiwan - Best Buy)

a bit of a C2 spike writing near 52X, but read curve is fine. i usually stick to 40X so im not worried.

FE Results
TE Results
The test result is good within the tested area. This media can be written at the highest speed.

c1/c2 (scanned at 10-24X) & beta/jitter graphs…


The Verbatim 52X CD-R NON-Datalife Plus have CMC Mag. media codes. I’ve been getting good results with those discs too.

What I’m concerned about is the 52x DataLifePlus w/ AZO I’ve been having error problems with those discs. I can burn DLP discs at 52x just fine but when I run it through PlexTools (2.19a) it gives me a bunch of C2 and CU errors 50mins into the scan.

my discs are most likely produced by CMC but there is no media code referencing CMC. they also have AZO dye…sorry you can’t get good burns with the more expensive version…

you actually call it “bad” to wait 5 minutes for a quality burn ? :eek:

As a matter of fact, I burn nearly every CD for my personal use at 16x … those at 48x and higher are the ones I give to friends and colleagues :bigsmile:

Well, there isn’t much point in having a 48x capable burner and 48x rated discs if one is going to burn at 16x…


…but it beats throwing all your 48x/52x rated discs in the trashcan, or burning half of them as coasters! :wink:

A “bit of a spike”? That disc is a bit of a coaster drpino.

I totally agree. I just wish everything worked like they’re supposed to :slight_smile: